Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wash out.

Saturday, I felt better and I really wanted to pop into town with the new double buggy.  My gawd it's a beast.  It just fits in the space on the buses, and boy did I feel conspicious with it, everyone seemed to be staring - surely they've seen double buggies where the seats and behind each other before???

It was a mistake to go out, I hadn't really recovered from the cold, coupled with the heat of Saturday and I felt gawd awful by the time my mindee was picked up at 1:30. 
And this morning I woke up to clouds and wettness, both outside and in - Rye's nappy had come off and he'd wet my bed. (sigh).  I also woke up with a gawd awful sinus headache.  I really did still want to go ahead with the BBQ but after being awake a few hours and inspite of taking painkillers, my head still throbbed and all I wanted to do was go back to bed.

So, postponed the bbq.  Thankfully, because of the illness the only food prep I'd done was to take the meat burgers and sausages out of the freezer to defrost.  Rye has eaten most of the sausages.  The burgers I'll probably turn into meat balls for the kids, cook and then freeze.

Anywhere, here's the only photo from this weekend - I rather impressive rendering of Mr Potatoe Head :-)

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