Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sun, Sand & Sea.

Inspite of a yucky cold that really hit yesterday, on my birthday, it's been a good week.

Monday of course, was travelling back from the Forest of Dean.
Tuesday was a duvet day.  Both Rye and myself were exhausted and our colds made us just want to snuggle, sleep and watch the odd dvd.
Wednesday was the Kent and London HE group beach day down at the Sunny Sands in Folkestone.  So, I popped along with Rye and the my mindee.  Been that it was half term this week, I couldn't actually tell who the home edders were. We had fun tho.
Yup, there are kids actually swimming in the sea.  BRRRRRRR.   My mindee wasn't that keen, a small wave came over her feet, so she immediately sat down then squawked, presumbly because it really was rather chilly.  She spent the rest of our day yelling at Rye to get out of the sea, lol.
Thursday was a half day for the mindee.  My mind is drawing a blank, so we can't have done anything particularly exciting, chilled in the garden enjoying the weather.  Ah, we did, just remembered, had a food delivery for my birthday bbq on Sunday.
Yesterday, was a bit, well pants really.  36 years old and I felt like death warmed over.  The cold had descended onto my chest sapping energy - I very nearly called my mindee's mother to say I couldn't care for her.  I gave in and went to the local garage to buy lemsips, which helped and then the rest of the day was pretty much spent laying on the sunlounger in the garden reading the latest Dr Scarpetta novel.  And yelping when the kids splashed me with water from the paddling pool.
And this rather rampant bush was host to a gaggle of dragonflies.  Rye was fascinated.
And my "new" double buggy.  I've resisted for a while, but the knee, the current heat, and Rye oftening wailing he wants to go in the single buggy, when mindee is in there, or be carried, means I decided to bite the bullet.  My friend with the twins put a shout out for me, and I got this one for £30, so can't complain.. and as you can see, Rye is very taken with it, and bugged me constantly to go out with it. 

Inspite of the lurgy, it's been a fun week and my book collecton, thanks to Jen, has increase by three.  Levi Root's cook book, a camping cookbook and another on growing one's own vegetables etc.  I lurve books :-)

And yah!  Today I feel much better.  Not 100%.. probably running about 75%,  vast improvement on yesterday, and means today I should be able to get on with potting out my herbs, possibly finding the energy to mow the front lawn - drive might have to wait... bending over makes me rather lightheaded at the mo and of course start preparing foods for the BBQ on Sunday to celebrate reaching my 36th year.

Wow 36, over the cusp of 35 and moving toward 40.  Kinda weird, I do not feel like someone who is only 4 years away from being 40... well, physically, there's time when I feel 80, never mind 36... there again, I'm not entirely sure how  I should be feeling, it is afterall, rather subjective.  I rather suspect the sense of youthfulness is owing to my happiness.  I am living a life I would NEVER have anticipated 3 years ago, I would never have anticipated being a mama, never mind an attached and gentle parenting mama.. and childminder?  Hah, you're having a laugh, last thing I would have considered as an alternative career to the doldrum of working in an office.  Yet here I am, happy and looking forward to the days that stretch before me.


Dawn said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, happy birthday for yesterday!
It's funny how people view age and approaching 40, although a few years off for you, I'll be 40 later this year but have to say I don't feel this age (well sometimes I feel older when I'm tired and achey ;-)).

"You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow." Anon

take care, have a great day for the BBQ xx

sue said...

Hey dont worry about approaching 40, I'm 42 and have never felt happier, more at ease with myself and proud to be who I am (mainly a mama lol)
Lots of northern hugs sent your way ((hugs))
sue x

Stephanie said...

Maybe it would be best if we took out "How old are you?" from our ordinary society, and instead inquired differently about how we feel!

I'm 42, and still kickin'.

Oh - and I love my life. :)