Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This will be a quicky - tis late, I'm tired and we're up early again in the morning to go back up to London.

Had a lovely time visiting family.  Nothing special, sat, chatted, watched the final of the football and Formula 1 - well my family did, I crocheted, not a huge fan of sport.
Rye enjoyed getting to know his Uncle, Aunt and cousins again - particularly my niece, who, it has to be said - is a pretty young lass - and yes my boy was making eyes at her at every chance.  He was tad in awe of my nephew, who is a tall lad but loved it when my nephew showed him some tricks with the basketball.  And wow, Rye was catching the ball too!

The idea was to visit the museums today - but I ended up staying with my family as I'd taken the trolley up with me, and getting on the escalators with that and Rye was a bit difficult as he was a bit more wary of the bigger ones.  So we took Rye to the park - lol and made him a bit green playing on the roundabout thingy.  He loved it.. but we perhaps got a little too over enthusiastic - because at the end he definitely looked green.  Once back at my brother's, Rye settled on the sofa and had a sleep.  So, we stayed later than I planned - arriving home this evening around half ten-ish.

He is getting a little more confident with the escalators - even after he fell near the bottom and I had to sort of grab his arm and throw him because I was terrified the bit where the steps flatten and go back under the ground would actually take his fingers off, (he sprawled forward), and I only had time to grab his arm, pull him up and throw.  He howled but he wasn't hurt - more the shock I think.  Lots of cuddles and he was fine and happy to go back on the escalators.

Train journey home was amusing - Rye talks pretty much constantly these days - and often the conversations are rather surreal.  A fella as he was getting off the train, complimented on Rye, saying he was a lovely boy, and it had been lovely to listen to his chatter.  Proud mama moment :-)  Turns out he's a Druid too, as he commented on my pentacle necklace, I always wear.

Anyhoos, no photos, I suspect there will be plenty from tomorrow's adventure though.  I'm taking Rye back up to London to go to the Zoo.  Yes, I know we have zoos in Kent - which I've not been to either.... I just really fancy London Zoo.

Right better get some kip now.


Becky said...

Sounds good Joxy, we were up in London on Saturday too! We went to Holland Park with my sister and nephew whose birthday it was.

We're up there next week for various things...

Sounds like you had fun and trains are cool with kids, aren't they (not the tube which is h*ll)


Fiona said...

Glad you had a good trip and Rye enjoyed himself.
Have fun at London zoo tommorow.
I miss London zoo :-(