Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Somewhat relieved to discover the memory card from my soaked camera still works and the lovely photos Rye took the other day hadn't been lost.  The new phone is ok too, and also has a camera - although I bought it becuase it was cheap, not because it had a camera.  Having FM radio on it, is quite nice tho.

Rye snapping away as I try to show him how to work the camera.
A rare photo of the both of us :-)
Rye found this photo hilarious.
And one I snapped of him, sat on the bean bag reading a new book, having pulled the playsilk over his legs, blanket style.   Hehehe, bless him.
And, one of the packages I collected from the sorting office this morning!  Just look at all that yarn goodness.  I've actually wait for it.. yes!  I've finished the dress, to crochet myself a large tote like bag.  The idea was to have it ready by Saturday when I visit my brother - but that might be pushing it abit, me thinks.. when so far I've only done 5 rows!


Arlenkern74 said...

lovely to see photos of you xx

Becky said...

I think we have the same top hehe

nice to see a photo of you :-)

Susie said...

Awww, what lovely photo's :-)
Good luck with the bag, hope you can speed crotchet if you're using in on saturday!! btw, i love the color's, it's going to be beautiful!

arwen_tiw said...

More wooly parcels heading your way as soon as everything is dry! I hope you like the crazy colours lol... :)

sue said...

wow, you and rye are so alike x

Joxy said...

Ohhhh more yarny gorgeousness :-) Ohhh very mcuh looking forward to seeing the pallet you've made with the yarns.

Aye Sue, I am very grateful Rye takes after my side of the family. He doesnt seem to have any of his father's features at all.. well except the long legs and height.

Claire said...

Lovely piccies of Rye and Mammy! xxx

Talie said...

They are lovely photos Jacq!