Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hookiness and a big fat WOW!

Once my mindee was picked up at half one, I immediately tidied up the toys and put them away, and then made myself a refreshing strawberry and elderflower drink with fizzy water - yum, and settled down to crochet.
Gosh, uninterrupted, blissful hookiness, lounging on the sofa, listening to Damh the Bard on spotify, a lovely cooling breeze flowing through open windows and doors - ah yes, bliss.

As mentioned yesterday, I had to frog some of the back piece of the dress because I realised I'd mis-measured and it was 2 inches too short.  Having previously completed the back section, I decided to leave froggy woe behind and continue with the front section.  Alas, I'm now at the shoulder straps (i.e. virtually finished) - but the pattern instructs me to measure it agains the back to ensure the pieces are the same length (shaping is a little different on the front), so front section has been laid down and work has commenced again on the back section.

I suppose in all, this was a few hours dedicated hooking and I was beginning to get a bit sighy and achy eyes - time for a break!  Slice of Rye's cake to perk me up and I decided to settle down and get on with building his tree house:
At this point, I was seriously wishing there was a man of the house to do this for me! There isn't though, so I got stuck in, and actually, it was fairly simple to put together, the stairs had me stumped for a wee while, until I realised I had the base in the wrong hole...and then hey presto, finished.
And naturally a couple of pieces left over.  Just dowling though - and I cannot for the life in me see where they are suppose to go - so I'm hoping these are spares.  And I have absolutely no idea about the string... still the completed article looks fine to me:
WOW!  The thing is huge.  I really hadn't expected it to be quite so big.  Rather dominating in my tiny lounge.  I was going to glue the pieces, mainly because I suspect my mindee will try to dismantle the treehouse, and I'd rather the pieces didn't get lost.  However, it really is too big to leave fully assembled all the time - I think it will fit on the toy shelves with just the top sections dismantled - that is once I've made room.

WOW!  I know, I just cannot get over how big it is.. and a certain girly pride that I put it together myself :-)  And yes, I did have a little play with the pulleys and what not.  It is rather fabulous - gosh, I hope Rye likes it and I am so looking foward to him coming home, (his dad asked to keep him an extra night), tomorrow so we can play together with it!

Big kid?  Moi?

Right back to hookiness ;-)


Eoforhild said...

That is amazing looking!! (I am a teeny bit jealous :D )

Fiona said...

Amazing tree house.
Rye will LOVE it.
I wouldn't mind one myself (but only for the girls of course!!).

Ashleigh said...

Oh wow! What an awesome house to explore and play with! I'm a little jealous!