Friday, 2 July 2010


The seductive nature of my, foam and soft padded matteress protected bed, which makes it very snuggly indeed, means I generally am loathe to leave my bed any earlier than quart to eight - and many a morning even 8 o'clock.. even been known to snooze until 8.15am and then dash down stairs throwing on clothes, ready for mindee at 8:30am. 

This morning, however, I managed to escape the snuggliness at 7am.  Once downstairs I did wonder why I'd bothered getting up an hour earlier than I really needed to... then came the appreciation.

Gosh, how lovely to be able to sit and have a cuppa, hot.  How lovely to be able to make myself some breakfast without children clambering for a taste.  How lovely to just be, to settle into the day peacefully and with joy.

Made for a very lovely morning, most of which involved just my mindee and me.  Rye, lazybones, did not rear from his side of my snuggly bed until almost quart to ten - and then I had to shout up the stairs for him to get up... then by 11ish he was gone; his dad collecting him for an overnight stay at his house.
Lazybones, reading his tractor book, upside down, on the beanbag, while waiting for dad.

Once Rye had departed, mindee took serious advantage and played with his metal cars and even had a go at putting train tracks together; before giggling mischeviously, as she pulled them apart again.... punctuated every now and again by her asking, "Rye, Rye?".

As the morning progressed, delivery men brought me exciting, lovely doubly packages.  The extra beans for the bean bag arrived.  It is now extremely plump, but it will bed down once Rye is back to jump and genereally abuse it.  Then, best of all, the postie brought me my delivery from Get Knitted; they have a sale on at the moment and I'd spent £20ish on yarn:
Deliciously, beautifully soft Sublime Organic 100% aran weight wool.  I have no idea what I'll make with this.. at the moment I spending an inordinate amount of time, stroking it against my cheek and giggling with anticipation of what I could make.

And oh, my gosh!  This soya cotton sublime yarn is beautifully soft too, and the colours are beautiful.  So beautiful, I've gone back to Get Knitted and ordered a further £30 odd worth of various yarns.  The soya cotton will either form part of a bedspread I have in mind, (pretty much the stripey one on the blog Attic 24), or it will form part of a bean bag cover for the newly plumped, 4ft ottoman beanbag.  I have exciting plans for that bean bag - I want a crazy colourful cover, I may even add a head with ears and tails.  It wil be motifis, it will be letters, numbers, flowers, leaves... anything and everything I can think of.  The kid will love it.... I'm just not sure my beautiful sublime yarns should be put in the path of my rampaging children....

I am just so excited and desperate, desperate to get on.  But I will not until the DRESS is finished.  To be fair it will be mostly completed tonight, (once I've finished this entry).  I have had to frog the front, unfortunately, because in a blond moment I'd started the arm shaping nearly 2 inches too soon.... I measured it too, goodness knows what I was thinking.  Still, I'm fairly confident the DRESS will be finished by tomorrow evening.  ***SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE***  and then I can begin my lovely hooky play with my new yarns... oh, I can't wait!


Michelle said...

You're a start for doing the dress. Sorry it's been such a pain in the backside to do. Once I've finished making madams birthday things, I'm going to learn to crochet.



Joxy said...

Oh, please don't apologise. I've not worked from patterns for clothes before, normally I freeform, so I didn't realise how much I'd dislike being restrained by the pattern, which inspite of my errors and the length of time its taken me to do; is actually a begginner pattern and pretty easy.

It's procrastination that's meant the dress has stayed on my hook for so long - so that's my fault entirely, I should have got on instead of letting myself be seduced by other projects.. lol and even housework, sometimes. Anyone should be apologising, it's me for being so rubbish. A dress that size really shouldn't have taken any longer than a month (less if I could have dedicated time to it rather than working around children)

Michelle said...

I did mean to write star not start. My brain has given up at the moment

lilac73 said...

How could you tell me getknitted have a sale on ;) Guess where I'll be looking later.