Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Art Album.

 For some bizarre reason the link to my art album won't work on the GP forum, on which I am offering to take commissions it time for Yule/Christmas.

I only take on 3 commissions at a time, and 2 of those spaces are potentially filled.  I work on a first come, first served basis.

My art album


San said...

Sorry to read you had an off day yesterday, hope your day has been better today. Am right with you re the chore thing, I was citing Rye as an example to Benedict, when he was moaning about helping to clear the table!!
San x

Pippa said...

Your artwork is beautiful. I love the green man paintings.

Joxy said...

Awww bless San. I will give Rye his dues, he is pretty good about tidying up.. in fact he often does it without asking; he stands there and says, "Ohhhh it's messy!" and then tidies up ;-)

Thanks Pippa :-) I do have a particular fondness for the Green Man :-)

Becky said...

Aw, Joxy - you're amazing!! I'm naturally desperate to see the naked woman now that it's been censored on there ;-)

How much are you charging, doll?

Joxy said...

You're kidding, is it? That's just plain frigging ridiculous. GRRRR.

Becky said...

You'll have to post it on here :-)

Joxy said...

It was a nude painting of Brighid for Imbolc. Not my best work, I wasn't that keen on it. I did it to help raise some money for a pagan website I use to use alot. (They had an auctio of various donated items).

I don't have the original photo of it anymore because it was on my old laptop that went kerput. I was planning to download it off photobucket so I had a copy..b ut they've gone and blocked it now. FFS, it's been in that album for over 5 years! They also blocked the photo of Rye modling the crochet nappy wrap I made. I'll be taking the rest of my work down, and won't be using them anymore.. I'm rather insulted that they've deemed those photos to be violation of their terms that images that are "obsene, harmful, potentially illegal, child pornography, erotica, child abuse etc" cheeky gits.

Joxy said...

Oh btw this is what I'm charging :-)

small paintings up to about the size of A5 - £10

Up to and including A4 sizes - £20
Up to and including A3 sizes - £30

Circular canvasses approx a dinner plate size are £15.