Wednesday, 28 July 2010


While Rye was visiting his dad's, I've taken the opportunity to spend a bit of one on one time with my charge, plenty of crochet - the tote bag is coming along lovely, and I've finally tidied my bedroom and rearranged and re-positioned my alter.

How on earth can one reasonably sized bedroom become so messy so quickly - and hold so much rubbish?  I've filled a large black bin bag with crap. The bedroom feels lovely now, tranquill and a place to relax and be rejuvenated.  I've also moved my alter.  I had put it on top of the bookshelves, mainly for safety, as there's candles, an athame, incense, the statues of the two Gods I tend to identify with most etc... Rye, though, doesn't play with my alter, he may look but he doesn't mess with it, and having it up on the bookshelf made it neigh on impossible for meditation.  I simply cannot meditate deeply standing up!

So yes moved to a much better position now, and it feels very right.  Difficult to put into words really, but when I cleared the rubbish off my chest of drawers, (become a bit of a dumping ground) and cleansed it and found a nice cloth etc.. it just felt like the room sighed deeply and relaxed.  

Ohhh, and, bless the Gods, I found the Lovefilm CDs I thought I'd lost.  I think Rye and I may watch The Fantastic Mr Fox tonight :-) 
The other benefit of the tidy up is I can now see my easel again and my paints etc are all accessible.  All ready for 2 definte commissions I have, and potentially another 3 or 4 for later... not to mention the painting I sketched out ages ago of Rye.  It was time to get my charge up from her nap.. but oh, how I itched to paint.

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