Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Painting and Baking.

Oh, it is a shame I cannot show you a photo of C, with her little face covered in yellow poster paint.   Rye, being 3 and half was a little more restrained:
This was down at my local Surestart Centre- a monthly childminding group is held there.  This month it was all about "mark making" (sigh).  Why can't it just be about kids playing and exploring with different mediums and having fun - and childminders enjoying each other's company - it is a job that can be a little lonesome at times - childminding is suprisingly different from parenting.  Afterall, no childminder wants to hand back a child saying to the parent, "Sorry I broke her/him,"  It's easy to be a bit more philosophical if your own child falls and skins his knees, or heck, even if a trip to A&E is required. 

On the upside, the specialist teacher had got called away to an emergency meeting - so it did turn into a play and explore session with very little talk of EYFS and various requirements.  I was given a book, which I was told is suprisingly good for a govt produced booklet - not read it yet - suppose I ought to and see what I think myself.

And today, home day.  Far too muggy and zestiness zapping.  Even the kids have been rascally.  This morning we baked some buscuits in readiness for our afternoon snack:

I was going to let the kids ice the buscuits and decorate with sprinkles, the heat tho decided me against it.  Squidgy warm icing - yuck.

Speaking of childminding, changes may be afoot.  C's mama is considering nursery a day or 2 a week from September - so I'm going to a teddy bear picnic at a new nursery that is opening up down the road from me.  C's mama would have liked to go, obviously, but she can't get the time off, so I'm wandering down to pick up more info and check out the facilities.

I shall be suggesting that C going to nursery on a Thursday (my home ed group day), and on a Friday would be good all round.   Last week's freedom of being on annual leave has made me reaslise just how restrictive the current contract with C's mama is - and I will welcome the opportunity of more freedom.

Sure I will loose out on some money - I imagine tax credits and increases in housing allowance etc will help to diminish the shortfall - and actually, I'll probably look at taking on a part time child - tho at the beginning of the week, so Thursday and Friday's remain free - well during term time anyway, as C's mama has asked if I would take C during the holidays. 

So changes afoot - possibly.  But changes that I think will be very benefical all around.

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