Thursday, 22 July 2010

Michael Fish was wrong - again.

Michael Fish, the weatherman, predicted heavy rain fall today - and instead it's been utterly beautiful.  The morning was a little cloudy to begin with, and there were a few drops of rain - barely noticeable though.  I know some folks aren't haven't a brilliant summer - but down here in Folkestone, the weather has been pretty terrific for weeks - the mugginess of the past few days has past so I'm a much happier mama, too.

Anyhoos - what we being up to, eh?

Well, it's been another busy and fun filled week.  There's been new exciting stories about tigers coming for tea and witches on broomsticks.  There's been songs and dancing and rapping at the teatime table. 

This morning was toddler group - gawd it's gotten busy, thankfully some of the kids are moving on come September, so it will be a bit less chaotic.  The I "joined" the surestart centre I've been going to, both as a parent and as a childminder.  Means my details as a childminder will be added to their list they keep and give to parents looking for childcare, and I will also receive information on various events they hold.  Their summer programme is looking pretty good!

And then once C had been picked up, Rye and tootled off down to the beach  for the Kent and London Home Ed Beach Day.  Alas, I couldn't tell who were the home ed lot, so it was just Rye and me - that isn't to say we didn't have fun, though.  We did, lots:

A busy little digger, it travelled all over the beach, went through sand tunnels, helped to create fearsome dinosaur heads and kept a certain little boy very entertained.
'Cuse the display of bra there... trying to get a photo of us both and Rye was protesting - "I don't want to!"  Sigh.. that is his latest mantra.  I've taken to saying back to him in a sing song voice:  "I don't want toooooooo".. which at least smoothes away the frowns and brings back the giggles.
Ahhh, the fearsome dinosaur head... hmmm, well perhaps not fearsome.. freakish?
I love this determined stroll of his, down to the sea.  "I'm going to the sea, mama".  hehehe.
Mama had as much fun in the sea - which after that initial, "OH my GAWD it's freezing..." the water actually felt rather warm, so we frolicked, jumped over waves (well I sort of ungainly skipped because of the bad knee), kicked water at each other and again more giggles :-)  Gotta love the giggles.
And, no perfect beach day would be complete without the chips.. liberally "salted" with sand of course.

  Mark of a good day, we didn't arrive home till almost 7pm - and I feel chilled and wonderful..doesn't feel like I've been working this morning at all!  Another mark of a good day - the little man is snoring softly on the sofa beside me, curled up under a blanket :-)


Dawn said...

Yeah, our weather forecast was heavy rain - there was one heavy rain shower at 7.30am and then nothing but glorious sunshine. I don't really bother watching forecasts much, they are usually wrong.
Glorious Summer here along the coast from you in Hampshire.
Happy days on the beach ... we're so lucky to be so near it like you are :-)

Joxy said...

Lovely isn't it. I was in Hampshire, visiting my brother the othe week. It was great because apparently here in East Kent it was pouring it down.. and where my brother is, it was lovely weather, we had a bbq and sat outside chatting away.

I do love being near the coast.