Friday, 30 July 2010


Mmmm, gotta love the Coastal Park, good company, chattering, laughter and pretty much not seeing my boy for most of the day as he was far too busy having fun.  Much to my surprise too, the park wasn't heaving - and today was a very sunny, very warm, blue skyed day.


Mindee was a bit of a handful.  She is a little too friendly, going up to perfect strangers and indicating she wants to be picked up- a family takes her interest and she just follows them.. so there was quite a bit of chasing after and retrieving her.  She also has no fear whatsoever, or any indication that she is aware of her own limitations... so there was a fair bit of extracting from the large climbing frames - oh and keeping her away from dogs.  Phew!

No photos.  I intended to take some, even got the camera out - but I was too busy, nattering, chasing my mindee and ocassionally saying, "I'll just go and check Rye is ok..."

And I'm very, very, very tempted to run away and join a commune.  A mama on the GP forum has found a fabulous place in Herefordshire to rent as a commune.  Trouble is, I have no idea what I could do to generate an income and pay whatever my portion of the rent would be - childminding I don't think would  be possible because simply everyone would have to be CRB checked, then there's inspections etc... not practical. 

Hmmm.  Oh, it is so incredibly tempting though - live with likeminded folks, raise Rye in the countryside, I mean this place has a swimming pool, orchards etc - what a place to grow up! 

Well, if it's meant to be, the Gods will somehow show me.


Pippa said...

I can imagine you running around after your little charge! I find looking after other people's children exhausting, I guess it's because they are unpredictable! I once had to mind a friend's very lovely couple of children and my own five children in a park while my friend went for a doctor's appointment. The children wanted to go in all directions and I was absolutely shattered by the end of the hour, from counting heads and making sure none of them disappeared! Hope you have something nice and relaxing planned for this evening and weekend!

Laura said...

I am so tempted by that commune idea too! :)

Love your blog - though i often lurk.

Have given you an award over on my blog xx

Becks said...

Oh yes the commune sounds lovely. But like you I have no idea how I could earn enough money to get by if we joined. Not sure if there is much need for my work around there? And pretty sure the olders wouldn't agree....
I shall continue to dream. Hope your dream becomes real soon enough.

Joxy said...

Ohhh I shall pop by in a mo Laura, thank you :-)

I think, almost definitely sure, I'm gonna go for it... it seems the childminding could actually be a viable option - and as a friend said to me - I can always come back if it doesn't work out.. and hey I am a veteran at starting over - afterall I seem to do it every 5 years or so, lol.

I have to give a definite answer by this week (coming)... I just keep thinking of what a wonderful life it would give Rye and me... and my friend also said my decision should be based on what is good for Rye and me and not on how much it will cost Rye's dad to see his son - and she has a point!

Dawn said...

Oh wow, I didn't realise you were thinking of the Herts place. Sounds like a great opportunity, look forward to hearing what you decide.

Too often we over-think why we shouldn't do something, there are things to consider but if it's a dream that is achievable, follow your heart. It sounds like a great place to raise children, and whilst you do have to consider Rye's Dad, you are entitled to a life you want to lead too, and who's to say he wouldn't maybe move miles away one day too? (just another point of view).

Good luck with your thinking time ...


mel said...

oh, the commune-thing sounds divine - i had a looksie and it's a gorgeous place. i'm a firm believer in the mad pursuit of dreams -- and the idea of raising a child in such a wonderful place....ah, bliss. if your heart is telling you it's a good thing to pursue, then it bears listening to. ;)

hoping it all works out how you want it to..