Thursday, 5 August 2010


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.    I adore this little dress, I just hope the mama who will recieve and a certain little girl will also love it :-)


Pippa said...

Wow, that is so beautiful!! I love the feel of crocheted fabric, it has a nicer drape than knitted fabric often, I think. Really beautiful!

Was excited to see my dolls in your photo! I have this childish amazement with the postal system, that you can drop off a parcel in a tiny village in Lincolnshire and it pops up miles away like magic and appears on a blog! Glad your little boy enjoys the little dolls.

I have put your blog on my blog list, but for some reason it doesn't automatically go to the top of the list when it is updated, it stays at the bottom, so I forget to read it. Do you know why this is and how I can rectify it?

Loved the crocheted bag you made in the last blog post too, you're very talented! xxx

Claire said...

Oh that is gorgeous, such beautiful colours. I wish I could get my head around crochet, I can do the stitches, but as for following a pattern, not a chance!!

Same thing with blog list with me too. :(

Joxy said...

I have no idea why it's not updating. Bizarre.

And thank you :-) It's gorgeous isn't it.

Becks said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.
What size does this dress pattern go up to? And how difficult is it really, for a crochet fumbler?
Or better still - are you interested in a commision ;-)

Becks said...

Ooops, just read your reply on the previous dress post. Thank you. Still looks a little too advanced for me though. ;-)

Dawn said...

Beautiful xxx

Shell said...

I've been missing your blog too :o( - lovely to catch up with it.

Love the dress and the bag.

Liz said...

Gorgeous dress x