Monday, 16 August 2010

Dish cloth.

I need some more dishcloths, so rather than buying, I crocheted myself a new one.  Decided to try a new edging too, (dishclothes and the like are great for trying out new stitches and stitch patterns).
This cloth is made up of treble stitches, which I've stitched around the post to create a raised edge.  The edging around it is called Crown Picot.  I haven't bothered to block, so the edging isn't as defined as it would be once blocked.  Still, I rather like it.  It's a  very simple edging. a chained hoop of 5 chains and then 7 chain hoop and then another 5 chain hoop. 

I'll be making a few more cloths - although I do need to get on with my Yule makes too.

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