Saturday, 14 August 2010

Free Weekend.

Delightfully, my client's boss had given her today off, so no C.  Rye and me took advantage by sleeping in till nearly 11am!  Bliss.

Then we enjoyed a leisurely wake up and dressing, Rye asked to wear his new trousers from Su Su Mamas - I've picked him up 3 pairs as they were only a £5 each and I do so love the colourful stripy trousers:
 These are the red ones, he also 2 pairs of different purple ones, and I picked up a shirt to match, although its rather too big at the moment.   Here we are waiting for the bus to take us into town.  I have taken on several commissions for paintings and I needed some more canvases.

On the way back we stopped at the local rec grounds to meet up with my friend and her twin boys.  Lovely to have a natter and see her and the boys again.  Rye enjoyed playing and was sad when it was time to part company. 

Once home I hung out some washing and ended up staying out in the garden with Rye for a good half hour or so, playing with the bat and ball.  Tomorrow I plan to take Rye down to the Donkey Derby at Radnor Park as we didn't make it today.  Not quite so exciting, but I do also need to give the house a good clean too.  The floors have been rather neglected because I broke my mop and bucket.  The new mop arrived last night - a microfibre self twisting mop.   LOL, had to give it a wee test run - so this evening I washed the bathroom floor.  Urgh, it was rather disgusting, smells much fresher in there now!  Rather preversely, I'm looking forward to giving the rest of the floors a good wash, and having a good general clean around too.  Ohhh, and I bought a granite slab for use in the oven... so I'll be baking some bread tomorrow too :-)



arwen_tiw said...

Excellent trousers!

San said...

Love the trousies!! Where did you buy your mop and can the mop head be put in the machine? I think I've seen an advert for something similar but I'll be blowed if I can remember where I've put it!!
San x

Joxy said...

I got it from Betterware: I didn't pay that price though as I bought from the old catelogue. I don't think the head comes off, as far as I can tell.. but it certainly seems to work well though. Cleaned the floors lovely.

sue said...

Oh wow, me n charlie LOVE the trousers, what size did you get for Rye as I think the 4/5 will be to big for charlie but 1/3 def to small ?

Joxy said...

Gorgeous trousers aren't they. I did buy Rye the 4/6yrs ones. They are a tad too big,but he loves em anyway. and with his boots are ok. I have a pair of stripey orange ones ad I've noticed they have shrunk a bit in the wash.

However, do not buy the 4/6 shirts that match the trousers - they are really big - too big. I don't mind a bit of growing room, but the shirts come down past his knees and about 4 inches too long in the arms.