Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Play day.

The play day was cancelled last Wednesday because the forecast was for lots of rain and thunder - never materialised, it was a lovely day... thankfully, today has been nice too.  Much cooler than previous weeks.. dare I say - there's the slightest hint of Autumn in the air.
There was a good range of activities, unfortunately parents had settled down very close to various activities, so it was it near impossible to get near, or there simply wasn't room for the kids to play because a ring of buggies etc "coned" everyone in. Ridiculous considering the size of Radnor Park.

Rye was desperate to have a go on the Bungee Jump, but the queue was so long and we were told it would be about an hour and half wait, so I decided to distract Rye with something else... worked out rather well as it happens...
So, we had a picnic lunch first, then watched a Punch and Judy show, looked at the police car and the Fire Engine and then....
The straw was a big hit with children big and small.  Rye loved it and even my mindee got into the spirit and they both covered me head to toe in straw.  I did have to intervene when a girl about 8 or 9 years old started screaming and shoving Rye to go away because she was piling up straw to throw over the hedge, Rye had added some, and then took a large armful back. 

I was rather taken aback after saying to her, "Hey, don't do that, he's only 3 years old." that she replied, "Well, you should stop him then, its MY straw."  The don't push it, young lady look seemed to work and I just reiterated that Rye is 3yrs old and the straw is for everyone to play with.  I did look around to see if I could spot a mum or dad, but no one seemed to be obviously with her.

Rye wasn't particularly fussed, he ignored her and just took a clump of straw and threw it at me, and so began the game of, "Cover mama in straw".

Then afterwards an icecream and a lolly for my charge, who impressively managed to get some inside her nappy,  and then it was time to come home.

I had to smile; the IMAP folks had stilts, balls, unicycles, playmats, play tunnels, muscial instruments, drawing, gluing, junk modelling, face painting etc.... and the straw was nearly as big a hit as the bungee jump.  Brought back memories of my childhood; friends and myself use to make a  lot of hay and straw dens, and there was a swing over the rafters too - and much to the annoyance of the local farmer, we would break up the odd bale to make a soft landing.

ROTFLMAO......  just had this conversation with Rye:

Me:  "Rye, I really must insist you come out of the bathroom now."  (he's been "washing his hands" for the past 15 minutes)

Rye:  "I really must insist I stay and play with water."

Cheeky monkey.


Pippa said...

Hahaha, it's impossible not to laugh when they come out with something as smart as that!

The photos of the children playing in the straw are great, shame about the incident with the nine year old, but glad it didn't spoil the day.x

Joxy said...

Yup. He is coming out with some corkers lately.
No, the lass didn't spoil our fun - I was just taken aback how she spoke to me, I would never have dared speak to an adult like that when I was her in my day.... hehehehe.

It was a lovely day, and good to get out wit the kids, the running in and out and shouting was beginning to frazzle the ole nerves a bit, lol.

Fiona said...

Looks like a fabulous day, and playing in the straw is always great.
Well done for intervening with the older girl. I am also 'that' mother who wades in, and am often quite shocked at the total lack of supervision sometimes.
Glad Rye wasn't bothered though.

Oh and nice to see you posting again. We missed your little updates :-)

Joxy said...

Ahhh, when I had to redo my layout and design of the blog a month or so back, I was reviewing my privacy options... and not fully understanding unticked a box that means people who follow my blog weren't seeing new postings.

I didn't realise until a few days ago when a few people mentioned their feeds weren't updating with my new posts.