Sunday, 22 August 2010


A funny old weekend.  Rye was picked up by his dad on Friday and dropped back off Saturday evening.  No mindee this Saturday because I had booke the day free to go and view the Manor.  Little bit melancholy about that, although we are looking for an alternative - just very unlikely to find anything quite as stupendous as Manor.   Still, it's the people that matter not the place.

Saturday turned into a lazybones days.  I read 3 books of the Belgarion series.  Oddly, inspite of having read these books countless times I suddenly noticed a few allegories that made me giggle, surprised not to have noticed before, hardly subtle!  Mind, I am so familiar with these books I do skim the text.

And today, well today has been interesting.  Some time ago there was a falling out in a pagan circle I use to belong to.  It all became rather nasty - that however was a year ago and for the most part I and the other person involved (I was perpherially involved), thought everyone had moved on.  Seems the initatitor of all the agro has not and is still determined to tar a friend and try to depict her as some despicable pagan and person.  Today I discovered the depths this person will sink to, and how utterly delusional she is - it's almost frightening, the level of her vindictiveness and delusions.

Inbetween that, I've continued reading, playing with Rye, watching Disney's Cars (bit rubbish isn't it), and making us food, taking Rye to the park and so forth.  So yeah, a real hodgepodge of a weekend.

On the upside I've now made it blatantly clear I have absolutely no interest in being drawn into this woman's fantasies anymore, with any luck I'll never hear from her again and I can merrily go on in my life without these ridiculous dramas interrupting it.  And with any luck my friend will not be hassled by this woman any further - although I confess I'm not entirely confident on that bit.

But anyway, to end on a happier note:  A few pictures of the park earlier in the week - and Rye wearing another pair of those fabulous stripey trousers:
And a fabulous find on Ebay.  I've been wanting a blackboard of some description for Rye for a while.  The one I picked up from a boot fair quickly got damage and the blackboard section was rather naff anyway... anyway, while scouring Ebay for a cheap wooden easel (and not finding one), I came across this rather nifty stuff:
Self Adhesive Chalkboard sheets  Well chuffed, Rye gets to have blackboard without it taking up valuable space in the house - and these sheets work very much like a blackboard and hold the chalk well, as you can see.  I bought 3.  The second roll I have in the bedroom on the floor for Rye to draw on..   I think I'll be buying some more of these.

Mind, the price has gone up..already, the sheets were £2.95, the seller is now charging £3.95 per sheet.  Hmm.


LesleyA said...

I love the trousers!

Becky said...

I do love those trousers, will have to get some for my 2

Pippa said...

Hope the group you go to settles down soon. It's horrible when that happens, makes everyone feel uneasy doesn't it. There was a big fallout at the local home ed group early this year, as you say, lots of lies, lots of behind -back sniping. The person in question left, thank goodness, but the group felt very fragile for a few weeks while everyone got their confidence with each other back again. Hopefully, you'll all feel better once a bit of time has passed and put everything back into perspective again. Some people have very, very little to keep themselves occupied don't they!

I've lost track, did you go to view the Manor?

San said...

Hope the trouble maker backs off and you and your friend get some peace. If I've read right sorry to hear about the Manor falling through, hope you all manage to find an alternative.
San xx

Joxy said...

She's been cut out of all our lives, so it should all be good now.

Pippa, no, sadly the Landlord neglected to mention that the Manor was also up for sale. We are looking for an alternative though.

Lesley & Becky they are fab trousers aren't they. I think I may have to buy some more for him... at those ones are only a £5 each!

nocton4 said...

sending love and care to you, amazing woman, fab Mama and great friend.
always inspiring x

Mon said...

love the trousers. and i'd never heard of chalkboard sheets. brilliant.

mel said...

i am LOVING those trousers....

great nab on the chalkboard sheets -- what a clever idea!