Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Life continues.

As it does. 
I received - a text this morning from a mutual friend letting me know the funeral is on Friday at 1pm.  I can't attend, but I will send flowers and I will light a candle and maybe log onto her blog and have a read.  So, far it's just too poignant to read words of a marvelous woman who should not be dead - but Friday, feels like a day to remember, to read, to cry, to laugh, and just be.

An advantage of young kiddies is one doesn't have time to mooch and mope, there's snacks and meals to make, play to be had, adventures to the park, releasing suprising creatures back outside:

Saw this little fella out the corner of my eye.  Goodness knows how long he's been in the lounge, I've not had the windows open for days now.  To my suprise he sat calmly on the witch while I picked her up gently placed her next to a bush outside, he immediately climbed off her.  The children were fascinated.

The children's boisteriousness was beginning to wear on my patience, so time to trundle to the park.  Rye on his bike and the little one walking beside me holding my hand.  I took a ride on toy for her, and she loved racing it around - took quite a shine to one of the older boys there too.

Then lunch, in which Rye barely stopped talking; how he managed to eat his lunch, I'm not quite sure - he certainly didn't stop yakking long enough to eat!  Then the time of the day I look forward, without guilt.  Naptime.

It's just enough time for the ringing in my ears to stop, the threatening of a headache to abate, to prepare tea, (today roasted seasonal veggies with organic belly pork seasoned with pepper, sage and garlic) and to sit on the bed while Rye watches Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs, and I enjoy the peace and a cuddle :-)

Aye, life goes on. 

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