Monday, 16 August 2010

Mama Made Monday - Lion.

An amigurumi lion, I crocheted him when I first moved down to Folkestone.  Sadly, he's never been overly popular with Rye - gets thrown around sometimes but that's about it.  Shame, he's such a cute wee lion, too.


Shell said...

He is soo cute x

Pippa said...

That's really cute and very clever too, I just can't grasp crochet, but I love the effects you can make with it!

Your blog now updates on my blog list by the way, thanks! xxx

Joxy said...

Aye, I do love crochet. I've knocked myself a belt up today, fed up of my jeans sliding down and while I have a leather belt, I wanted something that was a bit more forgiving and softer against the skin - especially as the jeans, for some daft reason have, huge gaps between the whatsitcalled? thingys that the belt slides through.

Mon said...

he's cute, think i have the book for his pattern.
yeah, really hit-n-miss with kids. mine liked her owl and panda, but they're not really with at all.