Saturday, 7 August 2010

Through the keyholem # 8 - Nightstand.

real people, real homes
we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!
I am one of those people whose nightstand ends up expanding to the floor, so these days I do not actually bother with one, and instead I have two shelving units next to each other, beside the bed.  The shelves mean I can have lots of books nearby and there is plenty of room for the invariable bits ad bobs that end up being thrown on there at the end of the day.

What you can't see is my overspilling yarn stash - it's to the right in a box on the bottom shelf, but there's too much so it's expanding to the next shelf, onto my easel, the floor. 

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Lisa C said...

I never knew there was 'that' type of person! But I guess we all just live so differently. Nice you can have all that space to put stuff. All I get is a wall next to my side of the bed.

Actually, a book shelf makes sense. My nightstand is next to my chair, and there is always a stack of books on it. Even when I had a nightstand next to my bed, I'd always end up with various books on top.

Joxy said...

Hehehe I was being polite about myself... while I like tidyiness and enjoy a neat room... I am naturally untidy and it takes real effort to stop the room and any surfaces becoming a bombsite ;-)

And yeah I love having book cases next to my bed. I find the presence of books comforting and homely. :-)

Mon said...

omg, what mess! LMAO. seriously, that's bad feng shui clutter energy you got going on there.
but, hmmm.... books close by... good point. ;)
i have 4 of the titles i can read.

Joxy said...

LMAO. Yup, but that's what makes me feel relaxed and homily and I seriously feel bereft when I don't have books around me. I rather suspect me and feng shui wouldn't get along ;-)

Pippa said...

That's a proper night stand!! I have Eva's old cot that is wedged up against the bed and because Min sleeps with us still, the cot is FULL of my stuff - magazines, clothes, cuddly toys, shoes, slings. Gah!! What kind of person tidies their bedroom anyway?