Saturday, 11 September 2010

1st Birthday Invite.

Little slow to get moving this morning, after a restless night.  I was woken at quart to one in the morning by a young lass, (by the sound of her voice), talking, I assume, on her mobile, which sounded like it was on speakphone.  I think that is what woke me, because it was such an unusual sound.  I would have just gone straight back to sleep, alas the itchy rash I suffer from every night, took advantage of my wakefulness to drive me to distraction, particuarly my feet. 

I could pretty much ignore the itching on my back and arms; but my feet, oh gawd.  I tried full strength lavender oil at first, which often helps; no improvement.  I blasted my feet with cold water and cammomile, but as my feet warmed up the itching went manic, and I scratched, which sent the itching beyond endurance, I knew if I didn't take some periton I would rip the skin from my feet, having done such a thing in the past. 

Thankfully, I was able to find the periton, last time I looked I couldn't find it and ended up dozing in the chair with my feet in a bucket of ice water.  While I waited for the itching to subside, I distracted myself with the finishing touches to my mindee's b'day present:
Rather pleased how it's turned out :-)

Then at 5am this morning, Rye woke up crying about his nappy.  I think it had come undone, so he took it off and he climbed into bed with me.  I was slightly concerned about him being nappyless; alas so zonked I wasn't so concerned I did anything about it.  Thankfully, no accidents occured.  I had planned an early start, but when my alarm sounded, I turned it off and went back to sleep, eventually dragging myself from bed around 8am.

Rye seemed a bit zonked too, so we did spend much of the morning snuggled on the sofa watching various bbc iplayer cbeebies programmes and I wrote out some ideas for crafting and "main lessons" and how to tie them all in together at the end of the month.  Then it was time to get read for the party :-)

Rye's first invite.  Gosh a lovely party and I love, love, love where my client lives.  She is very rural, and owns a bungalow, which looks a good size and about 2-3 acres of land, backing onto woods.  Gosh, her property teemed with elderflower bushes, blackberries, hawthorn, edible mushrooms and that was just near the house!  Rye and all the other children had a lovely time.
The "garden" is a field about an acre I'd say, and there was more to the back too, where the woods were.  Me envious - gawd yes!
There are lots of other childen and adults at the party, however I've cropped the photos as I forgot to ask if folks were ok with photos going on my blog.
Hehehe, he did have fun in this ball pit.

A really lovely party, Rye had a fabulous time, I had a lovely time, a glass or two of wine!  Gosh, having a "proper" drink is becoming something of a regularity lately, hehehe.  And my charge enjoyed the attention, it was lovely to see her gravitating to Rye too and running around with her. 

Then it was time to leave, the taxi had arrived.  My mindee followed me to the gate, but when she realised Rye and I were leaving, she burst into tears.  I was rather suprised and touched too.  Bless her.  Waved goodbye and assured her that we'd see her Monday.


mel said...

looks like a lovely party!! i'm green too -- it looks a gorgeous spot

i love the pic of rye's feet up in the

Joxy said...

Oh it is, and I particularly loved the quiet. I am on the very edge of subhurbs here, but there is a motorway between me and the countryside and lately the sounds of the traffic have become really noticable to me.. and I so crave being able to hear nothing but natural sounds.. but even late at night, there's still the sound of the motorway :-(

Eoforhild said...

That party looks like a lot of fun. The circlet is beautiful, I love the colour scheme.

Valerie said...

I agree, the circlet is lovely. Looks like the party lucked out on the weather too. :)

Lima said...

Lovely photos. :)

Looks like a fab place to have a party (or live- even better!)

Pippa said...

Aw, that's lovely, sounds like you had a really happy day. I love the present you made - so pretty. Had to chuckle at the photo of the legs sticking out of the ball-pit and also you saying about the wine. I drink very, very little, particularly since DH gave up alcohol three years ago, but recently (I suppose since the miscarriage, I realised that I could), I've had the odd small glass of wine every so often at mealtime. But it hasn't gone un-noticed with the children. When we were in the Co-op and I was browsing the wine section, Rosie in a loud voice said, "The Black Tower is over here, Mammy!! *shame*

Jacqui said...

Gorgeous circlet and looks like you had a wonderful day. That was sweet that the little girl wanted to go with you xx