Monday, 13 September 2010

Muffin Marathon.

Yesterday Rye and I made around 40 + muffins, mostly blackberry from a pile picked by a friend's kids.  I also made some blueberry ones before the berries in the fridge went manky.  Rye enjoyed helping:
He particularly likes licking out the bowl at the end ;-)
Blueberry muffins.
Blackberry muffins.
More blackberry muffins...
And just  few more.

We then spent a lovely evening at my friends house.  Rye played with her kids, we chatted and gosh it was most pleasant.  There's stitch and bitch group in Folkestone that meet on a Wednesday evening so I'm going to try and arrange it so I can go maybe once a month with my friend . 
By the time we arrived home, Rye was rather tired, he zonked on the sofa and when I decided to go to bed, he refused to get up.  Sadly, because of the pain in my knees I cannot carry Rye up the stairs, so I covered him with blankets and came up to bed.  He decided to join me at 2am this morning.

This morning has been busy.  The kids played, had snacks and I put on a load of washing, pootled around, getting things ready for us to go out.  About 10ish, we left the house, walked down into the village to go to the post office, then the chemist becuase I've scratched under my arm, must be in my sleep, and made a horrible mess, that has gone very yucky - 'cep I'd not noticed until I tried to put on deodrant this morning - OW!  It really looks like thrush infected nappy rash, so I tried initially some lavender oil.  OMG bad move, stung the bejeebers out of me and had me quickly washing it off.  So, while in the post office, which is also the chemist, I asked what I could use and was given a thrush cream.  Then onto the bank, library to drop of the dvd we borrowed, and finally the Co-op or a few bits I needed. 

Then the part of the morning the kids were most looking forward to the picnic in the park followed by playing on the equipment.
They had a grand time.
King of the world!  The king unfortunately had a crisis of confidence and began to get a bit hysterical, saying he couldn't get down.  I kept very calm, telling him how much confidence I had in him, and gently talked him down, suggesting where he put his feet etc.  Of course, soon as his feet were on the ground, he wanted to climb back up again, lol.    A mummy friend just happened to be at the park at the same time, so we chatted while the kids played - all very lovely.

On arriving home missus went straight to bed, and was asleep within minutes.  And Rye asked if he could play with the playdough set he won at missus' party on Saturday.  I had planned to replace the commerical dough with homemade; not had chance though, and to be fair he is having a ball playing with the stuff and at least he's past the age where he'll try to eat it.  

And now, well I'll pop on the chicken tikka curry we're having for tea, quick sweep around and then I'll get missus up.  My friend said she'd pop up after her work at around 4pmish.. so yeah, time to get a move on again :-)


Eoforhild said...

Those muffins look delicious.

Devonmama said...

Love the look of those muffins, yum :)

The Blue Faerie said...

What a cool park! It looks like it's a smattering of wood cut-outs.