Friday, 3 September 2010


I am on leave now until next Friday.  Last night I deliberately left my mobile downstairs, so I have no idea what time we eventually crawled from our pits.  I suspect it was around 9ish.

Yoga was challenging.  Rye clearly isn't sure about this yoga business - and spends much of it sat on the floor looking grumpy and telling, "it's not working".  Patience and persistence, patience and persistence.  When he does forget to be grumpy he seems to enjoy it, and perhaps I just need to back off a little and do the various poses and wait for Rye to join in, rather than trying to jolly him along.

Breakfast was a delicious goats' yoghurt smoothie with banana and strawberry.  The yoghurt itself wasn't that successful.  Very runny, although tasty; hence smoothies.  I'll make more cows milk yoghurt lately - although I'm wondering if the runny goats yoghurt will work as astarter for the cows milk.  Ah well, just have to try it and see :-)   The rest of the morning was interspersed with free play, stories and cuddles.
Lunch, yum!
Delicious green juice; I love how the juice collects at the bottom, then the of chopped up leaf and then the frothy head :-)  Very tasty.  Rye asked for seconds.  Mmm and lovely tuna and sweetcorn with salad wraps, apple slices and a shared Dove's flapjack.  A very tasty lunch indeed :-)
And looked what arrived while we were eating:
But first the lunch things needed washing:
Bless him.  Astonishing that he's now tall enough that all he needs is a little step to stand on.
Afterwards out into the garden to enjoy the sunshine and flick through my magazines, while Rye  drove his tractor.

Hehe, and we're famous now too:
The dress I crocheted isn't featured in Inside Crochet though, I guess the photos weren't big enough in the end, for them to use.  Pity.  Anyway, Rye was soon asking to go to the park and I did so want to collect some Haws.  He had a grand time.  There was a lady there with four 7yrs olds, (go back to school on Monday apparently), and gosh did they fight.  I was quietly amused when a mum of one of the other boys joined her at the park, and she commented that one of the boys had been inciting the other's to fight and showing off, when it was her son that was the most aggressive.   Rye desperately wanted to play with them but they largely ignored him - or teased by taking the swing away from him and holding the other one so he couldn't use it; the mum did stop them, so there was no need for me to intervene.  Their play was far too rough for him to join in anyway.  I suppose he's so use to playing with older and younger children , when we go to the Home Ed group, he thought they would play and he could just join in.  Bless him.

After that we collected Haws and then came home.  I had planned to continue with our craft project; Rye had other ideas, and wanted to play out int he garden and then he asked to watch a dvd for a bit.  He was starting to look a little sleepy so I consented, despite the sky being beautifully blue and the sun lovely and warm.   He's outside in the garden again, chattering away to the plants etc.
No rosehips today.  Maybe tomorrow.  So now on the stove haws and eldberries are bubbling away.  I'll drain them in a minute and start the process of turning it into cordial. 

And gosh, I'm sleepy again; a sleepiness born of a productive and fun day, so that's all good.
I think a falloloping into bed with my new magazines may be order of the evening ;-)


Pippa said...

Hahaha, it's funny being famous isn't it!

It's painful watching your child playing with strange children, you so hope it turns out ok and it's so damned disappointing when it doesn't. I used to worry so much about my oldest when she was little, she didn't walk until she was over two years old and was very unsteady on her feet and yet very tall, so she looked a lot older than she was. I felt myself hovering a lot of the time, letting her play, but making sure I was nearby all the time and it was exhausting sometimes and such a relief when we found nice kids who didn't try to push her over!!

Enjoy your comfy bed and magazines. Shame the crochet dress didn't get published, it was beautiful and should have been published. xxx

missking said...

ah relaxing day!
i am really jealous you have got your mag! i am in it this month (should be!!) so i am itching to get my hands on it. hope mine comes tomoz! will look out for rye too!

Fiona said...

Have a wonderful break Jacqui.
I enjoyed seeing you and Rye in Green Parent today. The article was lovely, and the picture was perfect.
Well done.

Joxy said...

I was pretty glad he didnt' play with them, Pippa. I wasn't at all keen on how they intereacted. If they behave like that when there's adults around, I'd hate to think how they are with each other when there's no one around - and that they teased Rye in quite a mean manner, smack bang in front of me and the other mum.. well I was rather glad the park is not their usual stomping grounds.

Ohhhh are you on the reader panel, missking?

Thanks, Fiona. It is nice to be able to lavish more attention on Rye, and wake up, when we wake up.

Have a lovely weekend :-)