Saturday, 4 September 2010

Fine tuning.

Some tweaking still needed.  The yoga isn't as successful as I hoped.  I am enjoying it immensely, even if, when I say yoga I really mean some yoga-ish stretching poses.  The crux of the problem is my 3, almost 4 year old, little boy is very energetic and boisterious - he does not want to do calm and slow movements, he wants to jump, bounce around and shout.  I think having songs and actions first is probably the best bet.  He can stamp to his heart's content to The Old Grand Duke, and jump up and down to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and other songs.  Afterwards a trip to the little park and then perhaps, just perhaps he might be in more of a mood to have a go at our pseudo yoga, (well, until the yoga pretzel cards arrive anyway).

Other than that the rest of the day is going well.  At the moment, of course, I am on annual leave, so it's Rye and me alone, and without missus to show off  for and get over excited with, implementing the rhythm is, so far, fairly smooth.  After the yoga and singing we have breakfast - this morning it was homemade goat's yoghurt smoothie with strawberries and bananas.  Rye helping is quickly becoming  the norm, and he continually asks if he an help with various tasks:
From chopping fruit for the smoothie, to helping wash the dish after meals.  With the added bonus the dishwasher is rarely getting used, so less electricity expended too!
Today's craft was to start the tree for the season table.  After I'd cut out the shape, it dawned on me it probably would have been better to leave it as a sheet until after all the sticking, and particularly the painting, which we'll do tomorrow.  Never mind.  Rye had fun , although the string was a beggar to stick as the clue got on our fingers too so the string stuck to us, more than the paper, lol.
The tissue paper and string is all to give texture of bark.  And I am quite pleased how it's looking so far.  I think once painted it will make a fine tree.
Rye was still keen to craft, so I cut up the hand prints we made the other day and we made our thankfulness wreath.  Rye making me smile because he's thankful for the park, mama, daddy, our various friends and bob the builder.  LOL.
And while I had the string out, it made sense to fix the water bucket on the tree house, which of course led to lots of playing:
 Poor pirate he got wrapped around the top bar of the swing quite a few times, much to Rye's vast amusement.
And the Pirate captain was offered a drink of water while simultaneous hanging from the crane, where moments later he fell, and needed to be taken to hospital on the back of police come ambulence car to be operated on by a fairy... then he was well enough to skidadal across my kitchen floor on top of a porche estate.    Putting the pirate on the police cum ambulence car and being operated on by a fairy was my idea.. and then Rye ran away with idea, and had various pirates having horrible accidents.  Bless, young children are really rather gory, aren't they.

More garden play, then lunch, and we just had to read Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs.  Then more play with little people, whom Rye said were his children.... which he then proceeded to knock off the bookcase, saying, "Oh no, you fell, oops." 

Then before I knew it was teatime, a cheats tea today, oven chips, quorn sausages and sweetcorn... and then Rye asked to do some colouring in.  He's now asleep beside me on the sofa.  I ought to wake him and take him to his bed; but it is rather nice to have his warm, little body snuggled into me.


Valerie said...

Hello Joxy I am new to blogging and I have just started my own and in the process found other little families a bit like our own. I have really enjoyed your blog and I will be keeping up with your exploits. Its always a boost to feel connected to other people trying out new ideas even if the connection is the internet. Keep up the good fun. xxx

Greentwinsmummy said...

I love that tree! your photos are so lovely Joxy x you have a sweet calm serene home,no wonder Rye is thriving,well done mama J!
GTM x x

Joxy said...

Awww thank you:-)

I do love my life - not always easy but mostly a lot of fun :-)

The Blue Faerie said...

That play set is great! Did you make it?

Love the tree too! :)

Joxy said...

Oh gosh I wish, no, I'm afraid I'm not the handy. I won it in a competition in the Green Parent Magazine. It came from here: