Monday, 27 September 2010

Mama Made Mondays

In progress, the pair of pj trousers on my craft list for Rye.  Sadly there's not enough wool, so I will have to delve into my stash to complete these - but no fear, I'll make it work :-)

Ribbed waist band to the pjs
This is the lovely wool that Sarah over at Carried Family, dyed for me.  Theres only one ball of the bright lemony green, so I've saved a little to finish off around the bottom of the legs so the colours tie in nicely.  The oceany blue greens consist of 2 balls of wool.  There's a lot of yarn, but Rye is a big boy, so I will have to delve into my stash.  I have some olive green wool, which I think I can make work and again, I might finish off wth the ocean coloured yarn and start with olive saving some ocean for the ends, so the colour changes look planned ;-)

It's working up quickly, that I will say.  The body of the trousers was added today, inbetween minding my charge, going out to a friend's house, the park, shops, reading stories, cooking meals, tidying up - lol.

Can't wait to see how this turns out as, I am as ever, winging it ;-)


arwen_tiw said...

Wow those are going to be gorgeous, I love the colours together and the hand-paints are working up beautifully (if I say so myself)... I may be able to mix you up a different green in a slightly heavier weight but using the same dyes if that would help any? I have about 200g chunky bfl. xx

Shazronnie said...

The colours are beautiful, I aspire to crochet as well as you do.

Becky said...

Lovely so far, though, Joxy. Really lovely.

You are so clever :-)


Becky said...

P.S. I have started another blog (I know) at - that one's just about me :-)

Joxy said...

I know the hand dyes have a wonderful illuminosity. Really pleased with how it's coming together. And oohhh if you could do me another 200g in similar colours that would be wonderful. HOw about a trade; I'm still waiting on the rainbow cotton I ordered at the beginning o Sept (sigh)..b ut how about I send you a couple of balls of that when it comes in exchange?

Awww Sharon, thanks. The ribbed section is simple crocheting around the post of double stitches and then I joined the ends together. Then I just worked along the edge to start on the body of the trousers, and that is a combination o using 1double stitch, 1 treble stitch for 3 or 4 rows and then I do 2 pure treble rows. Once the rise is long enough, I'll then just split the "skirt" in half to create the legs of the trousers :-)

Cheers Becky, another blog eh ;-) I'll go and have a nosey now.