Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Orange Tuesday.

Mama's intuition told me to stay home with Rye today and stick to our weekly rhythm, which on our chart is coloured in orange.  Tuesday also means painting.  Hanging out laundry, freeplay and snacks were done first, and then I ushered the children outside again while I set the table for painting.

In keeping with our Autumn crafts and to start making decorations for the Autumn tree, I cut an apple in half to reveal the star in the middle, which I then carved out a bit bigger, for stamping purposes.  Then I cut a potatoe in half and scraped out the letter "A".  Paints in the tray, a roller and some sponge "brushes" and good to go.

The children really enjoyed this activity.
I even managed to rein in my control freak impulse:
He had some lovely apple star prints which he rollered over - sigh.  Later I realised that we could draw leaf shapes on this page and where he'd rollered, would make lovely autumnal leaves.  Must, must, must get Rye some left handed sissicors, he's dying to have a go himself.
And then my ususal trick of filling up a bowl of warm soapy water and popping outside on the decking for the children to play with..a nd at the same get clean :-)
Such a lovely day, I went and collected my crochet and sat outside while the children played.  Rye announced at one point there was a worm in his trailer and could he pick it up.  I said ok, pleasantly suprised because Rye can be nervous about picking up creepycrawlies and the like.  Took him a while but he eventually came over to show me his "worm".  A caterpillar.  It had very long hairs on its back, and gosh it could move like the clappers.

Eventually the children announced they were hungry, so indoors for ham salad sandwiches, which, if I do say so myself, were delicious.  Then time for missus to nap.  The plan was to paint the tree, Rye and I cut out a while back, and stuck string and crepe paper on to create the texture of bark.  Alas, I came in from tidying away the lunch things and Rye had fallen asleep on the sofa.

I roasted the butternut squash and sweet potatoes for this evenings soup and then once roasted popped in a pan with a jar of passata and left ot gentle simmer.  Folded some laundry and then finally was able to sit down and enjoy a bit of hooky time.

I'm onto the second gnome hat now.  The first, hmmm, messed up the increases a little, looks very cute on my mindee; and just plain funny on Rye:
Poor lad, look at his poor chapped face - shiny because he has balm all over it trying to protect his skin.
I've some how managed to make a french gnome hat, lol... a sort of beret with a tail.  LMAO.
The second hat is simply flying along on the hook, it's half done already!  I've been more careful with the increases too so hopefully avoid making another french gnome hat ;-)


Monica said...

lol at french gnome hat.

what a lovely rhythm you had here to your day. good idea with the sopay water outside.

my girl is left-handed, so i guess i'll have to eventually look for such things too.

Arlenkern74 said...

Loving that hat !!

mel said...

lol -i LOVE the hat....it's very jaunty!

being a leftie myself i spent most of my childhood frustrated with the right-handed world...and left-handed scissors suck, they really do. (unless they've invented a better pair!). just so you know, even with a pair of them....it may still be frustrating for him. i eventually learned to use scissors with my right hand....*sigh*

i'm loving hearing about the rhythm of your days.....the soup sounds lovely!

Stephanie said...

It's a "make people smile" hat!! :)

Thanks so much for the apple-stamp reminder... Maddie would love it!

Joxy said...

Well I can only try I guess, Mel. I feel rather guilty that this is one skill I've been remiss in helping him to master; finding leftie scissors here is impossible. I will have to order online or take a trip to Canterbury. I nearly bought him some online from ELC.. but P&P is over £5! I discovered Opitec sells them though, so I might put in a big craft order as there's a few bits I'd like and it then makes the postage costs a bit more bearable lol.

Almost finished the second hat, it's really whizzed along on the hook. I need more yarn though. Annoyingly Rye's illness is beginning to manifest in me; I have the dry throat, the slightly tightened chest and the general feeling of being a bit weak. I thought I'd managed to get away without contracting it.. so continusing with the remedies, eating well, drinking a lot of fluids and hoping that tomorrow I wake up ok so we can enjoy toddler group and HE group at Brockhill... and on the way to toddler group I can pick up more yarn!

The Blue Faerie said...

Cute! The hat kind of reminds me of the Whos of Whoville. :P