Monday, 20 September 2010

Mama Made Mondays

I made this little fella with his toadstool last year for the season table.  Rye loved it, I had planned to make more but not attached to each other.  I should get around to that, because Rye still enjoys playing with this little fella.  Mind he's been in our season table box for a while, I brought him out a week or so ago... and Rye's response to clapping eyes on him was......."oooohhhhhh"  lol

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Talie said...

That's lovely Jacqui. You're so clever with that hook! We're looking forward to getting our Snowman out again this year that you made us last winter. There's something so homely about crochered (how the blazes do you spell that? Lol)and knitted stuff.