Friday, 17 September 2010

A trying day.

The day began with promise; beautiful sunrise, lots of cuddles from my bouncy, giggly son, lots of boobie, a bit more snoozing, more cuddles, puzzles in bed, more boobie.  Then downstairs for play with cars, play dough, some colouring, then we walked down to the nursery to pick up my mindee, stopped at the park on the way home for 20 mins or so.

Not long after the snot appeared.  Rye does not like snot, so there has been much wailing about "snot in me nose," and floods of tears when asked to stop doing something that is beginning wear my patience out.  Couple in manic, simply not listening behaviour and it quickly became a very, very trying day.  In the end I sent Rye upstairs before I lost my temper and threw my toys out of the pram.  I felt a cow, poor lad is ill, although the guilty feelings did dissipate a tad when he stood at top of stairs screaming down at me.. and out came the pointy finger and the firm, "bed!"   Ohhh the wailing, oh the banging and throwing.  Such a cruel mama. :-(

After a few moments the desire to scream at him had faded and I called him back downstairs to listen to story time and for us to make up and have "couchcuddles".  After my mindee had left for the day, he quickly flagged, and was soon snoring and dribbling down my arm again.  I gently laid him on the sofa with blankets and cushions and tidied and cleaned up.  A friend popped round for coffee after reading my FB status, bless her.  Rye woke up snotty, croaky and not very happy at all.  I'm anticipating a loooong night. 


Susie (or September - i answer to either!) said...

Awww, poor Rye (and you), hope he feels better really soon.
Love n hugs xxx

Eoforhild said...

Hope Rye is starting to feel better.

My younger nephew hates having a runny nose too, I can empathise with that.