Monday, 20 September 2010

Weekend Lurginess.

This weekend has all being about the lurgy.
Poor Rye, he really has been really rather poorly.  It began Thursday, I noticed him looking a tad pale while we were at the Home Ed group - but then he perked up and was off running, swinging, climbing, chasing - you know the normal variety of activities for young children ;-)

Friday, I was greeted upon opening my eyes to, "There's snot in my nose,"  How delightful, and an inward sigh.  I had hoped the remedies and good soulfood would help prevent any sniffles.  By Friday evening poor Rye was looking very sorry for himself.  Flushed, glassy eyed and running a bit of a temperature, and this weekend was his weekend with his dad too.  Oh dear.  I texted his dad to let him know, quite sure he would cancel the visit - but no, he was happy to take Rye if Rye was well enough.  Saturday morning my lurgy boy was well full of lurgy but seemed bright and was very eager to see daddy.

I ignored those mama instincts and sent my baby boy off with his dad.  Only for his dad to call me a few hours later because Rye had taken a turn for the worst... culminating in some worry and miffedness from me.. and eventually relief when Rye's dad called in the evening to say he was bringing Rye home afterall.  Poor Rye, he did look simply awful. Flushed cheeks, red nose, lips beginning to chap and just that "feeling sorry for myself" air about him.  He walked into my arms and slumped against me.

Supplies were quickly garnered and I hustled my hot little boy up to bed.  I expected a rough night, suprisingly it wasn't too bad at all, and in the morning Rye was looking much better, although he clearly was still feeling quite poorly.  He stayed in bed cuddling, having boobies, a little breakfast in bed, and watching a dvd.. before finally deciding he wanted to get up... well, apparently I wanted to get up and go downstairs, which of course meant he did.

Lurginess was making itself known again by evening, so an early night.  I read a Kathy Riech book (thus staying up far too late - oops), good book, rather graphic in places and involving babies, which admittedly I quickly skimmed over, and then lights out and snuggling up to Rye.

Then this morning my alarm sounded, switched it off, turned over to find Rye sitting up looking at me and smiling and saying his usual, "It's time to get up".  Looking pretty much back to his usual self, although the tendency to descend into whinginess is a strong indicator there's still some lurginess there. 

I have funnily enough, rather enjoyed the weekend, ok Rye was ill andI had to cancel a bonfire party I had planned for Sunday; still, spending the weekend snuggled up to Rye, reading books/magazines, snoozing and yet more cuddling has been rather nice.  And I've been forcefully reminded to listen to my mama instincts in future.  The weekend has caused me to evaluate my  views of my ex a little and to accept that perhaps I can be a little too cynical about him.  He will deal with most things differently to me, and I often I will disapprove, however, I am feeling confident that my ex makes his choices from a place of love for Rye.  Of course I've always known he loves Rye, I wouldn't let him have Rye overnight if I didn't have some confidence in him... but there's always been that kernal of doubt as to whether he'd go the extra mile for Rye.. if Rye was very unhappy and wanted me, would he bring him back early?    Now I know he would. 

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