Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Approaching Four.

Rye will be four years old on 1st Jan 2010. He is trying on four now in anticipation of his birthday.

"You be quiet, no shouting". He says to me pointing his finger.
I try very hard not to laugh, "Hey, don't speak to me like that,"
"Yes, I will speak at you", he tells me, narrowing his eyes and trying to look, well, not sure really.. but damn it's cute and I dissolve into laughter.

This boy of mine is pushing harder and harder at the boundaries, and at my authority.
At the moment I'm not quite up to the challenge, lurginess has raised the spectre of shouty mama, (hence the above dialogue) and she's not especially effective when dealing with a fiesty and cheeky almost four year old.

Sigh, I was just getting good at this three year old stage too.. now he's gone and changed again. Tiring and highly frustrating.... but oh, how exciting too and of course our relationship, once again changes, evolves and becomes more complex, more interesting... I confess though, there is some tredipation too.
I hope I'm mama enough to meet this next challenge.


Talie said...

Aw bless. He's growing up so fast.
Your relationship will go on evolving for the rest of your lives. Sure Rye has to test the boundaries from time to time but you're an intuitive thoughtful Mama and will cope just fine. Of course you'll be Mama enough!

Lots of love xxx

Dawn said...

You will be, there may be wobbles, but you'll get through it. Have been there at times with a confident, cheeky, assertive, tenacious but lovely little girl who's not long ago turned 5. He's showing he's confident enough to test you.

Here's to approaching 4, it is a lovely age - they seem to grow (emotionally, intellectually aswell as physically) so much in this year. Enjoy!

Becks said...

Hi J.
I've seen you and Rye together and I know you are mama enough to meet this next challenge.
Just carry on being you and you'll both get by just fine.
Enjoy every little stage because just as you think you have this one sussed the next one comes and hits you in the face. Right through childhood, teens and ever on.......

arwen_tiw said...

You're a fab mama, and this had me in stitches because it is so like Jenna. :) You'll be fine!

I really hope your lurgy is getting better and you are all getting some rest!

The Blue Faerie said...

I like the 4 year-olders. At lest they're bad behavior is cute sometimes. Unlike the preteens whose bad behavior makes you want to scream sometimes. Then again, sometimes their attempts at being adult can be really amusing (in the way that you know they'll get it some day). Enjoy the roller coaster of changes to come. :)