Friday, 29 October 2010

Today, today go away.....

do not come back another day.

what a gawd awful week, what a gawd awful day!

Started off not too badly, I feel lurgified of course; but otherwise, half reasonable. Took the kids to the bank to pay in my fees; popped to the library and then after many years of procrascinating, I decided to buy a slimline 15.4in tv/dvd combi thing.

On arrival home, it was time for the minded child to have a nap. Once she was safely tucked up in bed, I opened up the book, turned on the TV....... and disappointment. The screen was flickering, grainy, the colour was weird... dvds were unwatchable... conclusion screen broken.

A few hours later, minded child is awake, Rye went up to the toilet and hasn't come back down.. so I go and investigate. He has climbed over the stairgate, somehow pulled her out of the travel cot. And she is half naked because she decided to get undressed and pee everywhere.. and leave a little present in her cot. **sigh**
Rye was being argumentative when I told him to go downstairs, saying to me, "No, I won't go downstairs." Well I blew my top, and bellowed and screeched. **sigh** Rye screamed terrified, running downstairs and hiding under the table and missus, sat on the beanbag bed holding the duvet and surveying me fearfully.

Way to go, Jacqui.

Sat on the sofa and gave both kids a big cuddle and apologised for shouting. Clearly they don't really fear me, as Rye did say to me, "Shouting isn't very nice, mama." and missus blew a raspberry at me.

This evening hasn't been particularly great either. Missus's mum gave Rye and me a lift to the shops; but she was in a rush, so I ran out the door, forgetting to get my keys out of the door. I didn't realise until I was walking back from the shops with replacement TV. My heart sank because my friends, who live round the corner, are going to Mexico on holiday and to see the Day of the Dead festivals. Thankfully, it's tomorrow they leave. Even more thankfully, their 16yr old son did not need to use the ladders to get through my bedroom window - because I'd yet again left the back door unlocked. (Bad, bad habit, but oh, thank the Gods!), so he just need to hop over my 6 foot fence.


Oh, and yes the replacement TV works lovely. Yah.

So ended on a reasonable note.......but yes I am very glad to see the back end of this week!


Talie said...

Here's to a better day today!


The Hermit said...

Hopefully next week will be much much better :)

Becks said...

Let's hope thats the end of that then and good stuff is on its way.

Fiona said...

Hope that the lurginess goes, and next week starts better than this one ended.
And I did laugh about leaving the back door unlocked - that is just the sort of thing I am always doing too.