Sunday, 24 October 2010

My "Witchcraft".

I say "my", because if you were to ask 5 different witches what witchcraft is, you would get five different answers.

My own path is near on impossible to seperate from my life in general. I weave my magic into all aspects of my life; and it is a natural part of everything I do and make. I make offerings to the local wights, (nature spirits, originially from Norse mythology). I keep a couple of alters; one is in my bedroom and is my main alter that I use for focusing. The second is our season table. A family alter. This is a celebration of the seasons, a passage of time; it is where we bring nature into our home, and where Rye learns about magic, about the web we are all a part of and, I hope where he learns a love and respect for the land that provides for us and nutures us. It is a place of wonder for him, and a place where he can make his own offerings and focus his own energies. The season table has very practical usages too - it is beautiful, it helps to feed his imagination and his soul and it can be a wonderful teaching tool.

I celebrate most of the festivals that make up the Wheel of the Year. This is a modern invention; but I do not care, it is a useful benchmark for different times during the year and these festivals are made more personal by adapting to suit my family and as time continues, we forge our own traditions; which I do hope Rye will one day pass onto his own children.

I mark the boundaries of my home, I set protection wards, I cleanse my home periodically and I fill the place with love. I concot "potions", I make poppets, I wishmake, I give thanks, I meditate, pathwork, and I live by a set of principals which are based around responsibility for self and responsibility to family and community.

I do not have patrons gods/goddesses. I sometimes work with particular gods or goddesses but I have thus far avoided being claimed. I do have a familiar, as it were, although he only shows when I need reminding that life is circular and when one things ends, another begins, **smile** ok, when I need a kick up the backside.

I do not follow wiccan principals of harm none or the three fold law. I do not label myself white or, indeed any other colour when it comes to witchcraft. It is a rather modern thing to do; and is mainly done to try and reclaim "witch" from its negative conotations. It is, in my mind, a very clumsy attempt and simply muddies the water further. I also feel it is a subjugation of one's self, which is a very dangerous and unhealthy thing to do. Along with the idiotic belief that if you give out love you won't be hurt. Poppycock!

I do not dance in the woods naked. I do not sacrifice animals; although I may offer a meat offering if appropriate. I cannot fly on a broomstick - be rather cool if I could. I do not, and I doubt anyone ever did, use the infamous "flying ointment" - have you seen the ingredients that is suppose to make it up???? Nor do I dance with the devil - I'd have to be a preverted christian to do so, as the devil is part of the christian pantheon. Although I do smile when pagans get their knickers in a twist when the boring old discussion of whether you can be a christian and witch or magic user ? Many pagans will claim you can't be both, ignoring that much of the magical tradition and occult is very much based around christian/catholic and judatic mysticism. (Such magic is often termed "High Magic" and is highly ritualistic and very involved.. the magic I, and most Witches perform is called "low magic" and is much, much less dangerous to one's mental health.. at least if even half of what I've read is true about high magic).

In short, my witchcraft is a craft that is based around home and hearth. I use my skills for the advantage of my home, family, friends and those that feel nudged to help. I work with nature not against it and I do not attempt to control or manipulate people. And you know what, I leave well alone most of the time.. because a Witch's greatest asset is to know when to let it be.


Valerie said...

I am just curious but you are doing what millions and millions of women have done before you, but it wasnt called witch craft it was common practise. It just got lost somewhere when 'modernity' took over, as in medicine, and industry. Do you need to call yourself a witch at all? Its just that labels are so restrictive. I dont mind people calling themselves a witch by the way, it is just a question.

Becky said...

interesting post Joxy, thanks for the insight.

Joxy said...

It is a useful label to explain some of what I believe within the Pagan community; not so useful with folks completely unaware of folklore as they tend to think of Witchcraft in terms of "Charmed" or the "Witches of Eastwick"... or even Willow from "Buffy". I tend to say "Pagan" if asked.

I also believe a label is only as restrictive as one's imagination.

Some of what I do, yes folklore would suggest it was quite common practise - other areas not so much, plus of course, one never shares everything ;-)

Valerie said...

yes I understand ;)
I didnt think you would restrict yourself, its as you say 'Willow' erm sorry Joxy, other people have preconceptions.