Sunday, 31 October 2010


Not a happy bunny.

Diarrhoea has struck and I've felt gawd awful all day. I'm just starting to feel a little bit human; but I've decided we'll celebrate Samhain tomorrow evening. I feel too weak to start carving pumpkins with Rye.. and to be honest the idea does make me feel faintly sick too.

He's a great kid, he's cuddled up with me some of the day,, played downstairs with his trains etc, watched some dvds, come and tell me when he's hungry so I've dragged myself up to make him something; and then he's been happy to make his own entertainment again. I am very proud that he can entertain himself and while he doesn't really understand why I'm ligged up in bed... he has come and given me some lovely cuddles throughout the day. Along with hopeful, "Are you getting up and coming downstairs yet?". Bless him. Sadly I didn't dare move too far from the bathroom, so downstairs has not been an option.

The new TV/DVD player has been a blessing; I've popped it in Rye's room and on and off through the day he's watched various dvds, which has allowed me to snooze and get better. He's also played with his various toys, some of which he's brought upstairs. He decided to have a nap this afternoon too. Did make me smile though; he's played and watch dvds in his bedroom most of the day.... but for his nap, he goes downstairs and snuggles down on the sofa. (I checked on him before dragging myslf back upstairs).

Fingers crossed the coming week is much more fun and lurgy free!


Dawn said...

Oh you have had a bad week, hope it's all over soon and you can look forward to the week ahead.

Bless Rye for being so good with you being unwell, I love it when that happens and they just entertain themselves knowing Mama needs rest.

Take care both of you xxx

Eoforhild said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Liz said...

Hope you feel better soon, sounds like you've had a rough time with bugs lately x

Lilith Noor said...

Poor thing. Hope you're feeling brighter today, and that you enjoy a delayed Samhain.

It's actually my wedding anniversary today so you've picked a suitably auspicious date!