Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Autumn GP Meet.

Fabulous.  Most of the mamas I'd only met at the last meet for the first time and there were new faces there for this one - yet it was like a big family reunion.  Instantly comforting and familiar.  Rye was also a lot more confident this time and I noticed him playing much more with the other children and even chatting to a few of the adults.  I confess I know very little of what he got up to because he was too busy running off with other children having fun - as it should be :-)  He was also very happy to get a go on the zip wire, curtsey of Ian. :-)
But anyway here are a few photos I snapped.
Waiting at train station to begin our adventure.
Fire work display Friday night.  Rye enjoyed it a lot - it helped that we all decided to stand across the road from the display rather than pay to go in.  I think any closer and Rye would have panicked a little.
Constantly chewing - sigh.  If it's not his nails, its his jumper sleeves.  Emily's mum suggested I crochet him some cuffs to chew on - great idea!
Walk in the forest, which was lovely!
Lost in his own little world........ and of course chewing his fingers.  Sigh.
Puddle jumping.
Rye was getting a little ovewhelmed at this stage and fussing a bit.  So while the other kids romped in the mud I took Rye up to a seating area and we attempted to make leaf crowns with the wet leaves:
Eventually the other children began to filter over to where we sat, looking very, very muddy indeed:
And then back on the walk with kiddies that were beginning to wear themselves out a little and feel the cold.
Jenna and Bays asked me to take this photo:
I think it's a crows nest.
And the path back; gosh, it was so beautiful!
Then during the evening Rye became engrossed with lego
His poor red raw face.  Every year as soon as the cooler weather appears he starts to get a little rash on either side of his chin.. and as soon as sniffles and snot hit.... his face turns bright red.  I made him some balm; and it's helping a little but I am tempted to pick up some Wealda weather protection cream for children.

I didn't really take many photos this time, having too much fun :-)
The only blight to the weekend was the cancellation of trains - the journey back was incredibly long and I ran out of food and drink half way through the journey and didn't have the opportunity to get more until we reached Ashford, almost at the end of our journey.  Poor Rye, kept telling me he was hungry and thirsty, asking for boobie etc.  First time since we fully weaned, that I've really regretted it!  Poor lad.  I'm still suprised that a train that does such a long journey doesn't have a food cart or something on board!    I'd hoped to get him a drink, at least, in Brighton; but our train was already in, so there was no oportunity.

Still, it was a bit of an adventure; and I did get to hold a 6 month old baby while her mum put up her pram - a mum who interestingly enough, does (did?) research into early years education.  So we had a good natter.

We had a good time!


Fiona said...

We love the Wealeda weather protection cream, and have also found Aveeno cram pretty soothing on sore, weather chapped cheeks (and believe me when I say we see our fair share of them here!).
Looks like a great meet up too.

LesleyA said...

Yes I second that Weleda weather cream is fab. Bella is a bit like your Rye, whenever she has a cold her face is red raw, but the cream is really good!

mel said...

Savannah gets dry, chapped hands in the winter...i've found that just the good ol' zinc cream (or 'bum cream' as it's fondly referred to around here)that we used for diaper rash works well. i've tried others but once the chapping has set in, even shea butter tends to sting. So she just slathers on the zinc cream at night (yes, it's horribly messy and greasy) and it certainly eases the redness and itching and drying-out...

looks like a marvelous time!!

Becks said...

How lovely to see the changes in Rye. I remember the spring meet where all he wanted to do was tip the lego over the floor and move it about ;-)
Now I see he's making little creations with it.
Look forward to the next meet when we will
get to see you again.

Jacqui said...

Just popping in to say Hello as I've not seen you around for a wee while. Hope everything is well with you all. Rye is so grown up looking. xx