Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Crochet, bits & bobs.

Ohhh, right the photos of my new acquired yarn:
Gosh, that Noro makes me feel all squiggly inside, everytime I look at it.  I'm almost too afraid to use it, incase I don't do it justice.
And the purple next to it, is Linen yarn.. and much to my delight I discovered it was made in Holmfirth - pretty much where I grew up!  And the tad dah! the stripey cotton, which I imediately began using:
And finished off today.  I'm not sure an alternative spike stitch pattern was the ideal choice for the yarn; and it is rather thick - mind it did cross my mind the stitch pattern would make a lovely evening bag...not for me, I can't stand the things; I rather consider the silly things pointless, (I mean the evening purses type bag), but I know a friend or two who would appreciate one.
Anyhoos this is the dishcloth finished - and cor it brightens up the kitchen... actually, I'm contemplating using it as a "pot holder" as the american's call them.  The fabric is really thick - and being cotton it should be fine to use as a oven "glove".   Hmmm, we'll see.

A little narked about today too - beautiful, but both kids are still suffering with colds; and missus just burst into tears as soon as took her and Rye outside.  She was bundled up to the eyebrows and not cold, I checked, but she insisted she was and just cried and cried refusing to be distracted into playing.  So beautiful sunny day and it was spent indoors.  Gah.
Mind, the kids were very cute with the pram:
T'pot the Robbot having a ride.
Putting various dolls to bed.  Giving them kisses, telling them goodnight and using playsilks as blankets.  Bless 'em.   To add to my ever growing pile of makes - a blanket for the pram.
Overall, not too bad a day.  Rye was fussy, as was missus.  But I found playing the kiddy cd's I have of classical music for "calming", "Play", "Sleep" and "learning", really did help.  I had the calm one for a while and both kids played calmly without the manic running around, jumping on furniture and screeching.  Things I so do struggle with.  Later I put on the "Play" cd and they perked up a bit more and danced for a while.  I even tried a story cd to see if they would settle and listen - but neither seemed to realise a story was being told.  Very interesting that was, they gave me the distinct impression that they both relate "story" with a book.
Its one part of the Waldorf home I've yet to incorporate.  There's been so much I'm taking it a step at a time, up to now the story during circle time(s) has been a book I've chosen to read for that week or so - based on an upcoming festival or the season.  I think I'll have a look at creating a wee story based on the kids and using some simple puppets, or props.

Things to think about.

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Dawn said...

Lovely pictures, I like the look of the purple linen yarn too!

Imogen has that pram, although I don't think I have a picture of it with a doll in it, it usually has gardening tools, pots, dirt, stones and other nature bits gathered in the garden ;)