Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Zany Mittens.

The mittens are complete.

Another improvised pattern that worked out ok.  I really ought to write down my patterns as I go - but alas that would be too organised, and I am a "figure it out as you go" type of hooker.  Anyhoos very pleased how they have turned out, and Rye loves them and wanted to sleep in them last night.
Rye looking half awake.  He'd only just come downstairs when I pressed him to play model.

I really do like the mix of orange and purple; not so keen on the acrylic yarn, but I suppose it is practical for an item of clothing that is likely to get very dirty and wet and need a fair bit of washing.  I think I'll make some more in different colours.  Might even make myself the odd pair.  Never been much of a mitten girl.. but oh, these are cute.

I will change the cuff though, I meant to do a knit look alike ribbed cuff; but forgot that I need to crochet wideth ways and keep going to create the length needed to go around Rye's wrist. 

Ohhh and look at these beauties.  They are from the little boy's, who I use to mind, mum as a thank you.  I am normally allergic to lillies and can't have them in the house; yet oddly these so far aren't affecting me, which is fabulous because Stargazer Lillies are one of my favourite flowers.
My next project will be a scarf to match the zany hat and mittens.  I have already decided on the stitch pattern, I just need to do a wee swatch to check it will work out how I'm envisaging.


Fiona said...

Those mittens are fabulous - I adore the colours!

Eoforhild said...

Awesome mittens. They look so snuggly.

And Rye looks really grown up on that picture.

Monica said...

hey, good stuff. good thing about acrylic yarn is that it's inexpensiveness means you can hook up several such small items.

i love it when kids want to sleep with a new thing.