Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Oh my gosh; I've never felt anything like it - even with childbirth at least you'll know  there will be a beautiful baby at the end of it.  But this throbbing, stabbing, pounding agony all over my left side of my face caused copious tears this afternoon and reaching out to friends for help to look after the children.

I've been back down to the surgery and now have a large dose of oral antibiotics - the spray just seems to be aggravating the ear - and this time I did see a doctor and he said the infection was really bad, so bad he couldnt actually see my inner ear for all the swelling, blood and weeping pus.  YUCK.  While he was looking I just cried, oh, the pain.  So hes also prescribed me tramodol for the pain.  Oh gosh, times like this I really do have to give thanks for modern medicine. I have been taking alternatively ibruphren and paracetmol every 2 hours and it wasn't touching the pain at all.  I took some Tramodol at half past five, and while my earing is still pounding and I'm deaf as a post on the side from all the swelling and gunk in the ear - at least most of the pain has receeded and I feel a bit better in myself. 

There is now hope I may be able to celebrate the solstice on Sunday with friends afterall. 
I had begun to fear I might even be too ill for Yule - heck I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to go into hospital after reading how dangerous an abcess in the ear can be - scary stuff.   

Thank the gods for wonderful friends and for tramodol (lol).

I don't think Rye should consider a career in the medical profession though, his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired.... "Oye!  That is MY blanket, give it back, stop crying and cheer up, mama".

Lil bugger!.


Fiona said...

Oh no Jacqui - sounds totally horrendous, but glad they have sorted out some decent meds for you now.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, and sympathizing with the unsympathetic kid thing too :-))

Lou said...

Glad you have some good friends around to help you. Wishing you a very speedy recovery xx Lou

Woolly Wanderer said...

Tramadol is brill stuff when you need it!! Hope you are sorted very soon.
With a hug and a prayer
San x

windingcirclelifeschool said...

You poor thing.Lets hope the antibiotics kick in by tomorrow and make things a little less painful.My middle child is prone to ear infections, some of which have caused out doc to use a swear word.Usually in a day or two the meds kick in and things feel better.Hugs

Claire said...

Blimey, that sounds truly horrid. Mind, I think Rye's bedside manner might actually be better than some dr's out there!!

Glad you have something for the pain, and hope you are back to full health quickly.


Joxy said...

Thank you everyone.

I'm a little spaced out on the Tramadol. Slept most of the day and it or the antibiotics are making me feel neauceous - but I'll take that over the pain any day. Ear is still yucky but it does feel like its improved a bit, so I'm hopeful in the next day or so the swelling will go down and I'll be able to hear again! Really is weird not being able to ear with both ears. I can barely hear when Rye asks for something - and today he's been off colour too - a kind of blessing as I've been so out of it myself, but I do wonder what is wrong with him - he's not eating at all; although he has drunk loads of fluids so I'm not tooo worried at the mo.

Monica said...

oh you poor thing! i've had severe tooth pain from surgery so have some idea how totally horrid head pain is.

yes, times like this... more drugs!

That Rye! lol

just read your comment above, hope he feels better soon. my girl is under the weather also.

Joxy said...

Thanks Mon.

He seems much improved today and has eaten a little bit, so happier about him. And after feeling tremendously sorry for myself, I made myself eat (I didn't really want to but as I can't remember the last time I had a proper meal...), and I do feel quite a bit brighter and the sick feeling has subsided.

wonderful friends have rallied and brought me fruit etc so we have nice healthy snacks.