Tuesday, 14 December 2010

End the day on a high.

Trying to.  The small bout of energy we both just had has gone now tho and we're back to feeling a bit sorry for ourselves.  Nonetheless, lets try not to slip in to self pity and look back on what we've been up to while laptop-less.
Rye has been building.
He's dressed up.
We've coloured in snowmen and then...
covered them in cotton wool and then....
Painted the cotton wool.  Afterwards I spent an age trying to remember how to fold the paper to create paper snowflakes; and this year Rye, with a lot of help, cut out his own paper snowflake:
And we glittered some of the snowflakes:
We've practised our letters a lot this week too; from completing the alphabet train jigsaw, over and over to "writing" letters with the rainbow tunnel pieces:
Rye had his first ever play on a Wii game console, and astonished both his Aunty J and myself with how quickly he was able to mainpulate the controls.
He was making a Wii Mii - I think that's what it's called.  A little avatar to represent himself.   His dad has allowed him to use his paint sofware on his computer - so Rye thought this was a version of that.  He wasn't interested in playing the games, he just wanted to play with his avatar; changing the hair, eyes, mouth, nose etc; and then playing with the various colour options.  Had a whale of a time.
And gosh doens't he look so grown up.  A bit ambivilient about this photo... and those tracksuit bottoms he's wearing - 5-6yr old!
And we've painted using the aqua mats; and again practised trying to write letters.

And while that and more has been going on, where possible I've snatched a bit of hooky time:
I found some beads to further adorne my crochet christmas decorations.  Aren't they fabulous!  I'm so chuffed with them.  I would have made many more had I not had a lot of other makes to do.
A beanie hat for a friend's husband.  I used the pattern in the Stitch n' Bitch book for crochet and then used the pattern style to create a matching scarf - which I've forgotten to photograph.  Doh.

Rye's Yule stocking.  Turned out a tad larger than I expected.  And naturally, the boy in question had to try it on - not yet fully understanding its purpose:
His last visit with his dad he left behind his warm woolly hat, so I made him another - oops tad large and I'm not entirely sure I like the mixture of greens - still it's warm:
And then today.

Had our appointment at the surgery today - I think we actually saw the nurse practitioner rather than the doctor - but anyway- she thinks I actually had an abcess that has burst.  Not entirely sure as it felt more like a slow splitting apart - like fabric does against the stitching when its stretch too much.  Shes given me an antibiotic spray so I'm hoping that will make me feel much better in a day or so.   I rarely pop pills but I confess I'm alternating the paracetmol and ibruphren likes its going out of fashion - whatever this ear thing is - its darned painful and the only thing I can hear really is my own pulse point beating.    She checked out Rye too but his ears didn't look sore or his throat, so no infection.  He has still said his ear hurts still - and as its the same side as mine, I am wondering if he's having sympathy pains?  He's definitely had a fever and is not himself at all - so lots of sofa and duvet time today and watching Pingu.  Hes barely eaten; but has drunk quite a bit and he did brighten up to help with this:
The beautiful potted blue spruce that a friend picked me up because I've just not had chance to get one.  It is sitting on the season table with the few decorations I had to hand.  I'll get the rest from the shed tomorrow.  Still it perked us both us for a wee while to stick snowflakes and what not on the wall behind, set up the little scene under the tree and put the few decorations on the tree itself, and I did feel immediately better for achieving something today!
This is the side that Rye stuck foam shapes on - he's very proud of it and told me I had to take a photo:


Kimmy said...

Hi Joxy,
Just wanted to say hello from a fellow "waldorf inspirated" childminder :) , I am only minding since July but really enjoying it. I have read nearly all your blog, your son is beautiful and i think your a lovely family!
Best wishes

Joxy said...

Kimmy, welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment :-) I'm finding the waldorf rhythms work really well with my minded child - and the kids now sing our various songs for various parts of the day - so cute! :-)

Lou said...

Oh your poor thing. What a horrible time you have had. Hope your ear is feeling better now - ear pain is so totally consuming I think. Hope Rye is feeling better too. I am at home with a poorly girl too :( Healing and peaceful thoughts sent your way xx Lou

Joxy said...

Oh I wish, Lou. Starting to feel quite annoyed about it - could have waited until AFTER the festive period! lol.

OH well, just gotta get on, eh.

Hope your poorly girl feels much better soon - on the upside being poorly now will hopefully mean all better for the festive day. Fingers crossed eh!

Arlenkern74(cornish mummy) said...

get better soon xx lovely to catch up with very tall rye and see what you have been up to , love your crochet decs