Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Eve Hooky.

Oh gosh, my boy was so excited when his dad turned up just after two.   He has been looking forward to seeing his dad all day, and I'm so pleased, Rich managed to get off work a bit earlier to pick him up; because seriously, I thought the boy would pee his pants with anticipation if he had to wait any longer, lol.

The first year Rye spent Christmas with his dad, it did feel a bit sad, but these days I quite look forward to it.  A couple of days to relax and just do whatever the heck I like.  It helps that Rye so looks forward to spending time with his dad too - and honestly, I do the parent thing, which I love, 99% of the time, so its nice to have a few days off and let Rich be the parent for a change. 

I called Rye this morning to wish him Merry Christmas, bless he wasn't the least bit interested in talking to me because his dad had treated him to an electronic Thomas track - ah well at least he was happy - I did get a "Merry Christmas, Mama," before he dashed back of to play - thus missing me saying, "I love you, darling."  Kids eh.  Still, he's happy and that is the main thing.

So what does one do when there's no children in the house for christmas.  Hooky fun of course!
I have been chomping at the bit to make a start on the Granny Stripe blanket that Lucy on Attic 24 designed, for ages.  Having lots of other things to do I've been putting it off, but last night, last night I had hours of uninterrupted hooky fun and this is how far I got:

It hooks up pretty fast, and I'm loving the stripey goodness.  I have altered the pattern slightly, in that I'm doing 3 rows of one colour before changing, rather than 2.  Well 3 has pagany signficance, don't ya know :-)
I am loving it.  I didn't want to put it down, but bed was calling.  Isn't it lovely.  Once finished it should fit my double bed.
Ohhh, and I also hooked Rye a birthday crown.  Really love it; although I should have used a more contrasting colour for the "4"  I'll have a go sewing around it in yellow, that should help to make it pop out more.
Hehehe, I do hope he likes it.
Ohhhh and finally, I treated myself to Wendy Andrew's Luna Moon Hare book, I'd forgotten about this book until I saw Sarie and a few others mentioning it at the recent Solstice.  I also couldn't resist treating myself to a few other bits too.  And at some point I will buy a wall hanging, beautiful!
Right, I must dash, I'm having Christmas Dinner round at a friend's house and gosh, I'm hungry :-)

Merry Christmas, folks, have a good one.


Pippa said...

Sounds like you and Rye had a really lovely Christmas and I'm so glad you got the chance to put your feet up and relax as you've had a bit of a rubbish time lately with being poorly. It sounds like the perfect, cosy evening to spend Christmas in fact. Your hooking is beautiful, makes me wish I could crochet and it will look fantastic on your bed when it's all done. Glad you treated yourself to some goodies too. xxxxxxxxx

Becks said...

Beautiful birthday crown - when is Rye's birthday?
Sounds like a lovely peaceful christmas with plenty of time to care for yourself. Hope you are continuing to recover well.

Joxy said...

1st Jan :-)

Having a teaparty at a friend's house. Rye has said he wants chocolate cake, jelly, icecream, pizza and butterfly cakes. LOL.

Asked what he wanted for a pressie and he said "chocolate cake" lmao. Bless him.

nocton4 said...

what a fab Mama you are.
love luna too