Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ahhh at last the second infection is responding to the antibiotics and I'm feeling much, much better.
In some ways its been quite fortitious that the "ear infection saga" has occured during Yule because the new toys  books have helped with the inevitable cabin fever. 

I bought Rye a few new books for Yule and we read one of them last night:
A lovely book based on the carol "Silent Night".  The illustrations are beautifu.
A nice bed time story with a gentle, soft story that is just right for helping little ones calm down.
Rye loves the tractor; here he is weaving it in and out of various stacked blocks.  I do love these colour waldorf blocks.  Over the space of the year we've collected quite a few of the various gnome houses and they do get played with lots.

I've been crocheting this morning; and so Rye decided to build himself a train track.  Gosh, when I looked up at what he was doing, I was so impressed I had to take a photo.  Excllent use of the new junction peices I picked him up.

And what was a crocheting, well some delightful coloured bells arrived in the post yesterday - so I just had to make another tree decoration, so I could use some.  My next crochet projects are to bits for Ryes birthday; definitely a birthday crown, and hopefully some bunting.  I never got around to the comet balls - so hoping to get those made too.  Loving all this hooking... ohhh and I've some more yarn coming too.. yes, yes I know - this is specifically for a blanket though.  I haven't quite decided whether to do the granny stripe blanket or the ripple.  I think I'll probably go for the granny blanket as that is more of a hook away and not need to think about it too much - so perfect on a evening when watching a dvd or a friend round for a natter.

Anyhoos, would you like to see the new decorations :-)  I so love these little decorations, I see myself making many more!

I did think the bells were a little bigger than this, but never mind, they still look fabulous.. and gosh, it just means I'll have to go and buy some more bigger bells too.. well, I ought to really build up a stash of buttons, bells, beads etc, afterall, I do sooooooo much crafting these days.  Hehehe.

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