Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Yup, that is how I feel at the moment.  I am mighty miffed.  I have been offline for weeks and weeks and I've got many things done, but there is still mch to do; and with the laptop being in the repair shop for weeks too I am horribly behind on the commissions...... and then disaster, what I thought was just a blocked ear hang over from the cold last week - turned into a raging ear infection last night; prompting a tearful mama to crawl into bed with her little one - who really, really didn't want to go to bed so early.

Bless him, though, he drifted off to sleep, while I laid there trying to ignore the pain, to suddenly feel the drum tear and the gunk come out.  Some relief but stll lots of pain; in the end in desperation I drank half a bottle of paracetmol suspension.  Later a friend came around with painkillers... and then Rye started to complain his ear hurt.

My poor darling, he cried and begged for more medicine and cried some more most of the night.  I managed to distract him some with telling silly made up stories with him as the central character and singing songs.  Wee hours of this morning he cried himself to exhaustion and fell asleep.

I am waiting for the nurse to call me back from the surgery.  So far nothing.   I might have to call them back.  A sure sign that Rye really isn't well, he woke when I was gettng dressed but said he wanted to stay in bed - he gulped down a drink and then snuggled back under the covers.  He NEVER wants to stay in bed! 

So frustrating, I wanted to go and finally get a tree, make cards with Rye to send out, bake gingerbread men, work on those commissions and so much more - and no energy to do any.  Today was also suppose to be a visit with his dad.  Rye won't be going, he's too ill.

What rotten timing all around.
Once we feel like eating again, I'll be hitting my veggies and making lots of nutrient rich meals to try and get our immune systems boosted up.

Bleurgh - bu right now I'm off back to bed.


Pippa said...

Aw, that's horrible, I hope you've managed to get some relief today both of you. It's really rubbish to be poorly at this time of year, when there is so much to do and you want to feel festive and full of energy, not tired and in pain, so I feel for you. Try to rest, there is still a good week and a half before Christmas. As for computers, well, they always pack up just when you need them most - like cars (my sore point of the day!!) Take care, rest and hope you are both feeling perky soon!!

Joxy said...

Thanks Pippa.
Appears it's an abcess in my ear that has burst - so I'm hoping with the spray and painkillers I'll be feeling much better tomorrow.

Rye she couldn't really find anything wrong - his ears and throat look fine - he is running a bit of a temp and definitely not his self - but otherwse fine - so I think he's having sympathy pains - as he keeps saying his ear (same one as mine) hurts.

The comp will be going back to the repair shop after the New Year, but I needed it back now if I'm to have any chance of finishing those commissions. GRRRRRR REally peeved about that; I had it all wonderfully timed and worked out and everything has gone to pot.


Still, hopefully I will feel perkier in the morn :-) Ohhh dear, and hope the car is sorted soon too, hun.