Monday, 13 December 2010

Quickie at the Library.,

Laptop is with the man who can, again.  The wireless after working perfectly for him for 2 days, packed up as soon as I walked in the shop.  Thankfully really, as he got to see the problem.  Seems its an intermittent problem - just popped into the shop this morning to say I need the laptop back.

The days have got away from me and I've realised how near to Crimbo we are and of course the images for the commissions are on the laptop; so I collect it this afternoon and will beaver away the rest of this week to get them all (minus shell's whose is finished and has been for ages - my organisational skills have gone to pot recently.) finished and sent off in time for Crimbo.

Assuming the folks who asked for commissions read this blog - could you please, please email me your addresses to

Owing to the need to get these paintings and drawings finished I will be keeping off line for a bit longer. :-)

So if I don't see you before, have a wonderful Winter Solstice / Yule and a Merry Christmas too :-)


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Becky said...

Hiya Joxy

Bad luck with the laptop, sickening isn't it.

I was thinking of commissioning something - can you email me with your costs chuck?