Sunday, 2 January 2011

4th Birthday. 01/01/2011

The day began with Rye's dad calling to wish Rye Happy Birthday and a happy new year.  Then we got up, I was pleasantly suprised to find I was feeling much, much improved.  LOL must have been the onion and garlic syrup, its so strong I think the bugs were scared out of me.  The initial taste isn't so bad, but then the onion and garlic hits and phew something very strong tasting is required. ;-)

I decided this year to ration the presents out over the day, and I'm so glad I did, it was lovely to sit and play with each gift for a while before opening another.   It worked wonderfully, so I think this will the tradition from now on.  We've completed a jigsaw, we played the caterpillar game.  I tried to tell Rye the story of his birth but he was fascinated by the idea that he use to live in my tummy and wanted to try and get back in, and asked if the "sunroof" could be opened up.  (I ended up with a c-section).  Bless him.

Then we read stories, marvelously coincidently a friend had bought him a Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs book, and I'd picked up Rye one of the dvds.  He really loves these books and dvds at the moment.

Around about 4pm, Aunty Jen came around.  Bless her, she had come to my rescue and made Rye a fabulous snowman cake and put together a lovely little teaparty for him.  He was very impressed.  We had cream cheese sandwiches, sausage rolls, chocolate cupcakes, iced ring buscuits, chocolate fingers, quavers and that fabulous snowman cake.  Rye thought it was marvelous - particularly as I decided he could eat as much as he liked... and ok he has eaten a rather lot of cakes but he did also eat some some of the sandwiches.

Amusingly he announced that no one was to eat the chocolate buttons on the snowman (made the buttons and the face) or the chocolate finger arms or the jelly sweetie thing, Jen used for the scarf.  So we've had to cut around the cake avoiding those parts.  I thought he wanted to eat those bits himself - but no, the cake was made by his beloved Aunty Jen and we are not to eat those bits AT ALL. 

The best gift was definitely the shape and tack board that I bought Rye last year but decided he was too young for and put away.  He's played with this on and off most of the evening and he quickly got the hang of putting the shapes on the cork board and using the tacks to hammer the pieces in place.  Such a simple concept and gosh, he adores it.

Anyway enough of me rambling, here's some photos:

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Jacqui said...

Great Birthday shots. Glad you are feeling better - maybe rub some of that syrup over your sick laptop? Maybe not... lol xx