Sunday, 2 January 2011


I had decided I would complete my latest crochet project before posting more photos and do a Lucy style "Tah Daaaaa" type post... alas I'm too impatient and a double bed size blanket is going to take me a while - so here is a WIP photo - it is I have to say, coming along nicely - in part owning to the recent spate of illness - hooking has been one of the few things I could do; the pattern here requires no thought.. and thankfully my colour choices are working ok - hehehe there was possibility for diaster there.


Jules (Classroom Free) said...

absolutely lusciously lush!

Shazronnie said...

Very nice, I have a single bed granny stripe WIP. Must do a few more stripes!

Joxy said...

Thanks :-) I'm loving it and its oddly addictive. I've procrastinated so far because I was worried I'd get bored and end up never completing it - but instead I'm finding I'm having to put it away so I can get on with other stuff - otherwise I would sit there all day crocheting stripes!

windingcirclelifeschool said...

I love how the colours are working, they are going togethere very very nicely:) It might take a while but it sure will be worth it:)Thankyou for sharing your project with us, I crochet sporadically, I will have to post some of the stuff I am working on one day!Cant wait to see the rainbow blanket when its done:)

Shell said...

Loving this, it looks to jolly and warm. xx

sue said...

Wow, gorgeous blanket, clever you :)

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...


wowser.....i don't blame you wanting to show off this gorgeous WIP

did you know that you are a natural born wonderful writer? i visited your blog just before christmas intending to have a little nose and spent a whole blooming afternoon and evening here. it was like i'd picked up a really good book and couldn't put it down. i went back to the beginning and being a slow reader got through a couple of months. kept getting a bit lost though as your achives go in the reverse order to how i wanted to read them (which was oldest posts first - as it was better to read forwards than backwards, if you catch my drift). unfortunatley, the next day when i came back to read more, my computer was acting up so badly i had to give up trying to read anymore, which actually made me sulk. my comp is running fine now though so i will be stalking your pages later on this afternoon/evening (hope that doesn't sound too unerving, lol).

wishing you a happy, healthy, joyful, peaceful, creative, magical, sparkling new year


millie xxx (previously sumea on ravelry)

p.s. i started a little bloglet of my own a few days ago, not much there yet though.

Joxy said...

Gosh, thank you Millie. Hehehe, quite often I wonder if what I write is boring, or just too darn wordy - but hey, that's how I write :-)

I'm glad you're enjoying trawlilng through; and yes I know what you mean about the archives; I've had the same problem when reading other people's blogs, alas I have no idea how to change the order; I don't think blogger gives one an option, well unless you use actual computer language and I'm ignorant of it :-)

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

your writing is far from boring, quite riveting infact in places and at other times just a lovely read from the viewpoint of a very wise and sensitive and creative person tackling daily life.

being as i've had a lazy day, i had a look at the archive bit on blogger and aparantly you can change it, quite simply too...yay!
go to the design page and click on the little archives gadget box, another box will pop up saying 'configure blog archives', go to options and tick the box that says show oldest posts first and save it. that should work.

just posted a photo of one of our kitties - i couldn't think of what to write though, can't believe i've got bloggers block already, lol.

Joxy said...

Cheers my dear, I've gone and changed the order.

I may have to sit back one evening and trawl through myself, hadn't realised I've had this blog since 2008.

I know with the journals I use to keep as a kid and twenty something, I ended up burning because when I read them back, oh my gosh, cringe! I was sooooooooooooo self absorbed and oh my gawd woman, stop whinging! lmao. Almost scared to go back and read what I've written about lol.

nicole said...

Beautiful granny stripe! I haven't read the rest of your blog yet but I'm looking forward to it :-)

Sara said...

Hello Joxy! So happy to see you at today. I am always happy to hear from new visitors! This WIP is turning out beautifully! I love the colors you choose. I started a blanket for my daughter that was meant to be for her double bed and sadly I tired of it. So it got set aside and now some of the colors have been discontinued. :( Not sure what to do now? I think my sweet daughter has resigned herself to the fact that the blanket may never come out of the to be finished drawer. Maybe I can get creative and think of a way to finish without all the colors I started with. Anyway yours looks lovely. Happy New Year!