Friday, 7 January 2011

January Blues.

Tis the season, eh.

I'm not depressed or even deeply unhappy - my mojo has just gone for a long walk - and clearly with far less painful knees than I am suffering with at the moment.  I'm simply unmotivated, lethargic and a headful of ideas and aims and no will to implement.

Rather than depressing its rather vexing.  I am also the Goddess of Procrastination.  Oh, yes I am!  I had a plan to do a simple healthy detox this month; eating lots of homemade healthy soups, fresh fruit and veggies and drinking lots more water.  Is it happening?  Nope, why, because I've got it into my head I need to get myself a microwave first.. and then I also got it into my head that my 6.5lt slow cooker is too big and I need a 1.5lt one.  Hmmm.  Microwave, yes handy, slow cooker to be honest, my large one has two compartments, so I can actually cook a small portion that would probably last a day or two, so no I don't need the 1.5lt one.


It is also vexing because oh my gawd, my knees hurt.  Ever twisted your ankle.. that excruciating pain of trying to put your weight on the injured ankle.. my knees are very reminiscent of that - and vexing because a couple of weeks I would undoubtedly loose enough to improve the pain really quite dramatically - but guess what....


I did ask the doctor if there was any pain relief I could take so I would feel more inclined to walk and just generally be more active; but he said painkillers have rather serious side effects and rather encouraged me not to over do activity and to loose weight. 

Yes, but you see, Dr, I am the Goddess of Procrastination. 

Loose weight, sounds so simple; but I've been trying to do this for the past 30 years (I'm 36, my mother had me on diets from a young age), and I'm heavier than I've ever been.  Do you know I eye up those mobility scooters with serious wantsies.  A bloody mobility scooter.

Hmm actually a microwave would be very handy.   PROCRASTINATOR!

Yes, yes, but it would, so I shall go and now cancel the 1.5litre slow cooker order and instead order a microwave. 

Hey and in the morning, I will be walking Rye to nursery and then picking him up again at lunch time.  I expect to be crawling up the stairs in agony by the evening - but hey that's one of the downsides of being the Goddess of Procrastination.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Big hugs - it's that time of year isn't it? I think there must be a big mojo meet up somewhere, and I'm sure they will all come back refreshed
If you can find a Taoist tai chi class near you , do try and give it a go. I know it is hard when you are on your own, but it would help your knees. xx

Joxy said...

Thanks hun :-)
I listened to my cd last night, I've walked Rye to nursery and back (toerag ran off without saying goodbye lol), and Sarie sent a timely message on FB.. just as I was about to sit down and have a coffee and a choccie buscuit because I feel shattered now.. instead I am going to go and put some soup on :-)

Dawn said...

Oh hugs to you, we often feel a bit low in January - it's the post festive season, long dark cold month and you are waiting an willing Spring to arrive that does it for us. Plus you've just had a really bad month of illness.

I'm a big procrastinator sometimes, but trying to change that about myself but it's hard isn't it. Take it easy on yourself for a while as your health improves and your immune system recovers, then find something to gently increase your health and body strength. I'm at a point now that I need to lose some weight or I never will and it will not help as I get older (back injury problems for me), getting myself motivated now with some pilates and basic yoga to strengthen my muscles so I can be ready to do something a bit more soon - we have one of those elliptical walkers/runners which I used to love using but one step at a time. Something light and strengthening would probably help your knees before trying anything too strenuous - pilates, yoga or tai chi type of exercises.

Oh, sorry, gone on a little there but hugs Joxy, your mojo will return and then you can fight the inner procrastinator!
take care hun xxx

Pippa said...

Ah yes, this crummy time of year when we look out of the window and see fog and mud and nothing very inspiring at all. I know what you are saying about procrastination. I can walk from room to room, stepping over things that ought to be picked up and put in the bin, thinking to myself, "I'll pick that up later", even though I've nothing better to do. I'm looking for something to grab me, take up my interest 300% and there isn't anything, everything feels heavy and more effort than usual. And if you are in pain, well, you'll be getting a double whammy of that feeling I imagine - probably your body telling you to put the feet up and make your world smaller for a bit until you start to heal.

None of this is any help though is it meducks. Only to say that your mojo WILL return and maybe this is a time to sit and surf the net and see if you need any supplies for when it does. Lots of love and hope your knee is better very soon. xxxxxx