Friday, 11 February 2011

Home ed group

So exciting a friend text me to ask if i was interested in forming a local group. As you can imagine i was beyond keen. And its great. So far we have four local families. We have met at soft play so far because of the weather, fingers crossed ithe weather improver and our plans for a romp in a local park and feeding the ducks goes ahead next week. And this morning we went to french group run by another local home educator. Rye was a bit unsure but i could tell he was curious and listening. And i am keen for him to experience another language. So yes all good and exciting. The only downside is i have fallen ill with a cold today, mind i zonked out after my charge was picked up, rye watched fireman sam and i woke an hour later when he asked me for a drink, still ill but feeling better than a was, oh and warm. Hope i shake it off quick too busy to be ill!


Pippa said...

That's brilliant, well done!! After all our home ed group troubles of last year, a little band of us has started up a new group and it's lovely and friendly and something to look forward to each week.

I was thinking of you the other day and thinking that I hadn't seen you on GP forum lately. Glad you are ok. Hope it's getting warmer down there in Kent, I'm longing for Springtime, I even got excited to see the millions of mozzies that were swarming above the caravan this afternoon!!

Uh-oh, Minnie has just thrown a toilet roll down the loo, better go. Sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

Joxy said...

Yup really lovely and between us there are 9 kids. And yeah still no laptop. I need to take it down to the repair guy for a quote. Oddly im not finding myself chomping bit to get it fixed. Of course helps i can read the forum, check emails etc on the phone. But im just finding that im doing more with rye, getting out more, making new friends etc i do miss you all though and i have some lovely photos to share too.