Sunday, 27 February 2011

Quick catch up

Ooh, im chaffing at the lack of laptop and blogging. Especially as so much to share. Beautiful wet on wet paintings by rye, wonderful charity shop finds, crochet and paintings, rye doing yoga poses, drawing faces with lots of details, completing difficult puzzles, flooding the kitchen, behavioural difficulties and then proud mama moments. Delicious instant, healthy and nutritious banana and mango icecream, homemade flakey pastry pie, blueberry muffins. Formation of a local home ed group, making friends, some lonliness cos of the isolation of illness. Then thoughts on our home ed journey and how i find myself embracing waldorf more and more. And how im finding it helps rye with areas i find difficult - four year old impulses and wants. Plans for the future, hopes and dreams. Hopefully soon ill be blogging again as i hope to get the laptop down for repair this week. Illness and need to save us first in case its expensive has meant 2 months without it. Sob! So glad i can read via mobile!

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Roof said...

((((hugs)))) miss you! xx