Sunday, 13 March 2011

Social butterflies

Yup, thats been us this week! Its been wonderful and utterly knackering. There's been pancake races, toddler groups, trips to parks - and much to my delight new and old friends joining us; the local home ed group is very promising, with a lovely vibe. The pot luck lunch at one of the family' s home was great fun, rye is making new friends and playing with other children - fabulous stuff. Today we went swimming and his increasing confidence in the water is a joy to behold and today with the aid of a float he evenpropelled himself through the water. So proud as he had become rather scared of the pool. Sunday will definitely be a day of rest! A home day. Ihave thoroughly enjoyed this week but perhaps a tad too full on as rye did have some big feelings on friday. I think the busy week and the mingling with so many people over whelmed him a little - so that is something to bare in mind - this parenting lark is such a long and steep learning curve! Have to say though i am loving the ride.

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Susie said...

Sounds like you've had a brilliant week :-)
I remember those 'big feeling'days with Hannah after busy weeks, and also remember that it took me quite a few to figure it out! You are right though, the parenting road is a great ride!!