Saturday, 26 March 2011


 Gosh, its sooooooooo lovely to be blogging properly again, and being able to show you all what we've been up to over the past 3 months!   So decorating cut out card eggs.  (And yes I'm still sweeping up glitter)
 Making an easter tree, this was a craft set that was bought for him last year that I discovered on the craft shelf.
 Feathering chickens!
 And wow!  I was so impressed with this.  He did the shapeths all on his own.  My boy has an eye for geometry it would seem.

 Enjoy a new priviledge, of having access to his paints.  This is what I discovered him doing early one morning when I came downstairs.

 This peice of cardboard provided days of amusement.  It was a house, a shop, a theatre, a sledge, some sort of head covering; and then he and my mindee decided to colour it in too - wonderful.
 I love, love the detail.  The hair, the nostrils and adding in pupils for the eyes too.  I love watching his drawing skills blossom.
 A collection of Rye's painting, well the spiral is mine, I was showing him how the paint spread when working wet on wet.  He loved it, and produced some really lovely colourful peices.  A couple I am seriously thinking about getting framed.
 Spring flowers, a craft session done when my charge was with me too.  They both loved playing with the sissors and cutting shapes out too.
 Haha, Rye is keen to learn how to crochet - and this is his version.
 "Look mummeee, I'm crocheting!"
 Beeswax modelling.  I helped him to shape these.  Again another craft item he's been constant access to now.  He loves the modelling clay and uses that most days.
 Ahh the paintings from our spring table, as were done.  Love, love the colours of the natural paintbox.  Gorgeous.

And as you can see, Rye now has short hair and is looking very grown up.  This mama is not keen... and prefers the cuteness of Rye with longer hair!  Thankfully, so does he, and has asked for his hair to be long again. 

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