Saturday, 26 March 2011

And other stuff.

 One thing being laptopless for so long has made me realise, just how much time I was spending online and denying Rye a lot of me.  I'd like to say the past 3 months has made up for it  bit, but quite a lot of that time has been spent ill.  I got a monster flu that floored me, literally.  I couldn't stand up without feeling like I was going to throw up and fall over.   And the lack of energy, my goodness. It took me about 6 weeks to recovery; add in we caught another little sniffle too; although compared to the flu it was a minor inconvience. This was either a particuarly nasty strain of flu, or I've never had it before... goodness I was ill.  Thankfully, Rye didn't really seem to catch it.  He had cold symptoms and he did suffer from lack of energy but he didn't seem as ill as I had been.

  Anyway, here is Rye completing on his own, a very difficult jigsaw.  Took him ever such a long time, but he did it.  Very proud because this really is a difficult puzzle; and just the patience and perservence alone!
Yoga has become a regular fixture these days.  Rye has really become very enamoured with Circle Time and practising a few yoga poses.  Here, he is having a go at some others from the pretzel cards.  Again, I was very impressed at his observational skills and being able to copy fairly accurately the pose on the card.

Aren't the flowers beautiful.  I've never been one for cut flowers really.  But after all the drearyiness of illness and winter feeling very long and neverending, I needed to feel a hint of spring.  And the jug I found in a charity shop for £1.50.  Bargain. 

Yum, my own flakey pastry.  This was very delicious and very fattening lol.  which is why I don't often make flakey pastry... even the lovely quick processor method!
Rye has spent many a day building train tracks, more and more complex.. and I've spent many a time tripping over the damn things.  lol.  I love his imagination and engineering feats..but oh, there are times when I wished for a bigger house.
Ahhhh, taking advantage of a few sunny days to tidy the garden and create this little corner with some logs.  I haven't actually done anything more since.  This is going to be our faery/offering corner.  I plan to plant some flowers, have to be in pots nestled inbetween the logs because there are huge fir trees on the other side of the fence leeching the goodness from the soil.  I plan to make some decorations for some of the branches too... and there are some clay cut outs Rye did a while back that need painting.  I'll need varnish them too I think, otherwise I expect the first hint of rain and the clay will melt into nothing.
Oooh, more charity shop finds.  the ride on was £4.50.  A pair of crocs for a couple of quid, t'shirt for Rye, and a Carafe for me - although to date I've forgotten to buy coffee for it, lol.  And the bowl it's sitting in, is actually what I'm now using for the children to wash their hands in.  Its a bit of a faff to have them lining up in the kitchen to wash their hands after garden play and before mealtimes.  So I thought I would introduce the Waldorfy way of handwashing - i.e. warm slightly suddy water with some lavender in it.  Hmmm lovely.  And it makes handwashing into in a little fun ritual that the kids enjoy and it's just one of those little reconnections we have throughout the day.
We've had lots of pj days here.  And fallen back on old games to entertain - here there's a balloon tided to the washing line- lots of fun was had (and some squealing when Rye kept holding the balloon out of my mindee's reach.. the tinker!)
I can't quite remember now.. but I think it was something to do with the gnome falling off the blocks and being squished.  Where do they get these ideas?  lol  He doesn't watch dvds that really show violence, bob the builder, post man pat, bagpuss, thomas the tank engine..those are the sort of things he watches!
Quiet time.  Every couple of days he would flag and need a quiet day to recover, this was one of them.  And all the illness has led me to relax my grip around the TV too.  I still don't like it on during the day, unless we are ill; but I no longer mind if Rye gets up and watches TV in the morning (or rather puts a dvd on), and I don't really mind if he asks to watch a bit on an evening after I finish "work".  I've found he's regulating himself really.  Plus I have being firm that if play is happening then the TV goes off, I cannot abide background TV, and Rye is now turning it off when he decides he wants to play... and as the painting from the previous post shows... putting on a dvd is no longer his immediate choice when getting up before me! 
Ahhh dressing up.  Hehehehe, pity I can't show you mindee too.  She looked ever so cute in a golden play silk.  They were of course playing pirates, oh and super heroes too, if memory serves.
Ooooh my goodness, now that pizza was seriously good.  Yes ok, its a pineapple pizza, but I actually do not mind pineapple at all, and the children adored it.  I used my new Pampered Chef pizza stone, which, on reading the instructions, I was very skeptical about.  Unlike most stones this one is not preheated - it specifically states not to do so.  However, the pizza base it baked it was delicious, cooked through, soft, no soggy middle, with just the right hint of crispness around the edges - yum yum.  The wet dough bread cooked on it is delicious too.  Pampered Chef stuff is rather expensive, but I confess I am very impressed with the stoneware, and very tempted to purchase a few more pieces.
Rye insisted I took this photo, although I can't quite remember why exactly.  Bless, his poor face.  He's been snotty for about a month now and keeps smearing it across his cheeks, which then become red and chapped....oooh and look at his hair, long hair, so cute - sigh.
Ahhh one of our first proper trips out after the flu!  Knackered I was afterwards..but oooh it did do us all a world of good to get out in the fresh air.... even if it was really darn cold too!
Rye is showing mindee how to use the punch balloons.
And showing off a little with his two handed punching.
The beanbag makes a fine ladder to reach the top shelves and claim those noisy instruments that make this mama cringe.
Hmmm looking what else he can find - cheeky monkey.
Oooh, our season table.  I pruned back the broom a little and decided to add some of the branches to our season table... don't they look gorgeous!  Sadly they are now starting to droop.... mind they have lasted well- what a good ten or so days

Early morning play in the sand pit.  Sunshine, blessed sunshine!
And toys out in the garden - first time this year.  Lovely.
The weather this week has been lovely, and warm too; although the wind has held a hint of iciness in the shade.  The tree house, as can be seen, is back downstairs and is a wonderful toy for the garden; I'm looking forward to having the toys out more, (with the added benefit my lounge stays tidy!  lol)
Coastal park.  Twice in one week.  A friend, a month or so back asked me if I'd be interested in starting a Folkestone HE group with her, I jumped at the offer.  Wow, its a success too; we have five families that meet regularly with another 2 or 3 that join us when they can;  I think in all there's about 17 kids if everyone gets together.  Friday afternoons are our official meeting day at the moment, but often if anyone goes to a park during on another day, there's a shout out and folks pop along if free... hence the coastal park twice in one week.  I have also become friends with another home edding family and we've been spending quite a bit of time together, which is so lovely for Rye too, and he's now starting to talk about his "friends" :-)  My friend, I also crochets, so we get together a fair bit to natter, watch the kids play and crochet. 

I would have always said that I'm a bit of a loner and I prefer my own company mostly.  But I think its because I've rarely found other people I click with, and with I its easy to be friends, plus the other families in the group are really friendly and feel like friends, rather than just other families we meet with once a week or so for the kids to play.  So, yes we've been social butterflies for a few weeks.  Although this week we have had two home days, as I felt Rye was becoming a little overwhelmed with our sudden busy weeks - he actually uttered words I never thought I'd hear from..."I want to stay home."  Shocked beyond belief..but also a realisation that actually he is a boy that does also enjoy time to play by himself, lost in his own world, as much as he enjoys being out and playing with and alongside others.

I feel so blessed, the HE group is working well, we've just planned our meetings for the next month or so and it includes crafting sessions, egg hunt, sand castle competition, maypole dancing... I mean oh my gawd, how wonderful!  Does mean I'm quite busy with it all too; but you know what, its lovely to be part of a community and to know the effort is worth it.
Ahhhh our first visit to the coastal park this week.  Walking down the zigzag path...oooh my knees felt it.
And half way down there is a shrine/memorial to the people in Japan.  I can't really put into words why, but this really touched me.
And oooh, look at that view.  I miss the north I do, I miss the moors and the open open spaces - Folkestone is a bit on top of each other......but I can forgive all that when I'm met with such wonderful views.  Ok rye may not get the same freedoms I had as a child growing up in the wilds.... but I can't imagine he will moan too much when Folkestone has so much to offer kids!  I have to say I really do love it here.  I feel seduced sometimes by other places......but this is my home now and I do feel very settled, and I think it is very telling, that in all the places I have lived, I've never had as many friends, or as many connections as I do now.  This is surely where I'm meant to be.


mel said...

so lovely to catch up with the two of you have been busy!


ps. i like his hair best when it's longer

arwen_tiw said...

:O And he has grown SO MUCH too!!

Joxy said...

Hasn't he just! I keep looking and thinking.. "blimey lad, have you grown again?" lol. I dunno,Sarah, our kids wilfully growing, it just ain't on!

I like his hair long too Mel (sob) Thankfully he says he'd like it long again, so we'll just leave it to grow again.