Monday, 21 March 2011


I may have a laptop at the end of the week!
My comp guy has said it will probably cost at least £150 to fix my highgrade pile of crap, or I can buy a second one off him for £149.  So I'll buy the second hand one, he's going to transfer my data etc.  I was just about to order a laptop through my shopping account as I'm fed up now of only been able to read and post using my mobile, which is tedious to say the least, however that's from where I got the highgrade, and the interest is rather astronomical - I only use it for emergencies and I'm still paying off the fridge and washing machine, so yeah, not keen to put 3 or 4 hundred quid on it.

So yup I'll risk a second hand for £149.. if it buggers up after a year and half.. well slightly more palatable than having a laptop that was almost £500, and  buggered up after a year and half.

And woohooo I'll be able to share photos and all manner to things.  Life has been pretty darn good - well minus the 6 week recovery from that damn flu.

So excited, its been sooooooo long now, 3 months without a laptop.  Can't wait, I really can't wait.

Right must go but hopefully next time I'm back I'll be on a laptop and uploading photos... ooooh and I have quite a few of crochet tadaa's to make too.. not the granny stripe blanket.. but that won't be long at all!


Jessica said...

Bet you will be so excited to get a new computer that will actually work!Laptops are amazing...till you need to get one fixed, then they are a bugger.We sent ours in last week because it would not recharge!Just opening them up is a pain and costs an arm and a leg!Ours about the same to fix, but its essential in a house of 5 and sometimes 6!Hopefully you will be doing the happy dance soon!

Dawn said...

Yay, great news.
You're sounding happier now too so you must be well rid of those bugs now.
take care x

Shell said...

Can't wait to see what you've been up to x

Lou said...

Yey. Looking forward to having you back again xx

Becky said...

yay! be lovely to have you back online :-) All of my laptops have been recon ones, never more than £150 and have served me well, apart from when I spill soup on them!